Quick Dosage Question, 2x/Week Injection

Currently doing 1ml a week split into 2 doses using a 1ml insulin syringe. My dr just upped my dose to 1.25ml a week of test c. And me being a tard when it comes to math/numbers, I am having a hard time figuring out what I will need to fill the 1ml slin syringe to so that I can split the 1.25ml in half for a 2x a week injection. Please help!!

The straight math is 0.625 ml per injection. I’m not familiar with insulin needles, it may be hard to the get that degree of accuracy in the syringe. Maybe you could do 0.6 in one shot and 0.65 in another.

That’s what my syringe looks like. I fill it up to the 25 to get 50mg (1/4ml) currently. What would I fill it to for .625 ml

Based on this…25 units = 0.25 mL so 0.625 mL would equal 62.5 units. Looks like you need larger syringes to do it in a single shot.

Ok I’m an idiot, just called the dr for clerification on dosage and was told to do 125mg/week of the test. With that being said should I just dose it at 120? And if I do half of the weekly dose, what would that be on the syringe.
Note: my test-c is 200mg/ml

ok, your dose is 125 of Test /week…

therefore: 125 mg of Test/week divided by twice a week is 62.5 mg Test/injection.

At 200 mg/ml Test, you would need to draw 0.3125 mL to equal 62.5 mg of Test.
(200 mg/mL x 0.3125 mL = 62.5 mg)

Based on our previous statement, that would be 31.25 units per shot.

P.S. you might want to check my math but I think that’s right