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Quick Diet Questions


Should I stop eating a certain time before going to bed. I live on campus so diet, sleeping patterns and such are my main problems right now. Doin my best. My hours are always FUBAR so i would like to know when i should stop eating. I try to eat a small meal every couple hours and drink as much water as I can throughout the day. Stayin away from calorie containing drinks.

Question 2: What should I do about drinking milk. 3/4 of my protein shakes i make with milk, the rest water. calorie wise i should do mostly water. But in general what should I do about drinking milk? (i drink 1%)

Unfortunately my diet mostly consists of pasta(+/-), oatmeal (+), milk (+/-), water (+), green tea (+)Protein shakes using whey scoops (++), apples(++), mixed nuts (+), Kraft Dinner(--) (i know i gotta get rid of that)and Caf food (which blows and is not that good) trying to stick to stirfry and chicken pitas.

Suggestions on specific foods would be great and what i should do about the (+/-) foods. (pasta I use whole wheat). please keep in mind, very limited funds. the joys of university eh? well atleast there is a gym 2min walk away.

Thanks for all the advice


You should not eat any food rich in carbohydrates within ~2hours of you going to sleep. Protein (esp slow digesting like Casein) you can (and even should) right before you go to bed.

I've never seen any kind of diet where the calories contined in milk in protein shakes would be a problem (or the amount of milk consumed in general), as long as you are not lactose intolerant or something like that.

I don't see any kind of fish, chicken or lean beef in your diet, try to add those before you begin to supplement with whey or something similar.

Supplements are great, but they are there to supplement an already good diet, not to substitute for one.

Read everything written by John Berardi and David Barr on this site, plenty of info about nutrition there.

( http://www.T-Nation.com/archives.do?y=2007&s=dietAndNutrition )


I think newbs should be forced to eat nothing but meat and vegetables, including the good stuff like and salmon and broccoli.


They should make 'Noob Camps' where noobs are rounded up into fortifications in the wilderness and forced to live off of said foods and do manual (weightlifting) labour, while being oiled up. The guards will all be jacked and supervise the work and make sure no noobs try to escape.
The first of thes camps will be called 'Arnoldschwitz'.


I already know that is what I should be eating, and would. But i have very limited funds as I am in University spending thousands just to be here and I have a mini-fridge, nothing more to store stuff. and I have a really shitty area to cook.

lol doin the best with what I have when I go home for holidays all ill be eating is lean protein, fruits and vegies. But i'm trying my best while im here.

haha, i like the idea of Arnoldshwitz though.