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Quick Diet Help!


Typical day so far : (although i do plan to follow the carb cycle starting next week)

2 scoops whey
1 banana

Lunch 1
1/2 cup almonds
1/2 Chicken (moved around?)

Lunch 2 / Dinner (depending on class schedule)
1/2 pound chicken
1 tbsp bbq sauce
1 cup brown rice

2 scoops whey
1/2 pound beef (Can be moved around)

1 cup brown rice
2 tbsp olive oil butter (optional)
1/2 pound fish

Bed time
Almonds/Greek yogurt

I've ballparked some of the numbers at:
Protein : 275
Fats : 70
Carbs : 275

assuming the following:

1/2 lb chicken : 60g
1/2 lb fish : 50g
1/2 lb beef : 45g
2 scoops whey : 50g

Large banana : 30g
1 cup strawberries: 10g
1 cup brown rice : 100g
1 medium potato : 35g
1 cup sweet potato: 60g
1 tbsp bbq sauce : 15g

1 tbsp Olive oil : 14g
1/2 cup almonds : 30g
1 tbsp olive oil butter : 11g

Month of Sept

Monday : ME Upper; Medium
Tuesday : Off ; Low
Wednesday: DE Lower; High Carb
Thursday : Off ; Low
Friday : DE Upper; Medium
Saturday : Off ; Low?
Sunday : ME Lower; High carb


High day
- Protein : 300
- Fats : 30
- Carbs : 400
Total Calories: ~3100

- Protein : 300
- Fats : 70
- Carbs : 300
Total Calories: ~3000

Low day
- Protein : 300
- Fats : 100
- Carbs : 200
Total Calories: ~2900

Current stats: 6'2 @ 225-230

Main Goal: Drop 20 pounds in 3 month or so (give or take a couple weeks)

I'm also trying to approach this gradually, since i have been eating shitty as hell for the past couple of weeks (hell.. months). So the first week or two i'm really just trying to get the diet figured out and figure out my timings.

Right now my diet isn't conflicting very much with my class schedules or vise versa.

After the first month or so, depending on the outcomes, i also plan on dropping carbs and possibly throwing in some weekly interval work or complexes.

By the 3rd month i hope to cut carbs pretty hard and have a pretty moderate amount of cardio. Once again, this depends on how the diet is working.

So my question is, how am i looking? Suggestions? Comments?


Looks good. Good job for not starting the calories out too low.

Stop back in 3 weeks to a month and let us know how you're doing!


Slow and steady...

And I will do, although I am trying to track this on my workout log as well.

Right at 3 weeks is when i have my first weigh in, so i certainly will!


You may want more variance in your carbs. I know for me and many others a "low carb" day would be under 100g (I've actually done zero carb on some low days with good results).


I do plan to gradually drop my carbs, and i agree, i may have to go keto once a week or something.


Not necessarily saying Keto, I'd simply have a greater variance in carbs/calories.

For instance:

High day
- Protein : 300
- Fats : 70
- Carbs : 400
Total Calories: ~3430

- Protein : 300
- Fats : 70
- Carbs : 200
Total Calories: ~2630

Low day
- Protein : 300
- Fats : 70
- Carbs : 75 (Pre/Peri nutrition)
Total Calories: ~2130

A little bit higher variance here between calories and carbs. Up to you of course, I've just found that this works better for me then minimal change in calories (100-200 calorie changes). IF you're needing more calories adjust the fat/protein intake up higher for all three days, maybe to 350/100.

1 High day, 3 Medium, 3 Low for when I'm really cutting down.


Makes sense, i may have to try that once i get settled into the diet.