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Quick Cycle Review


Been looking at running this cycle from some time now: Test Prop/Tren/Masteron. LMK what you guys think about how I've aligned it. Since it is my first run with both Tren and Mast I thought I would ease into the Tren. Also wanted to feel the Mast and prolong the cycle a bit which is why I worked the Masteron in on the back end.

Weeks 1&2: Test/Tren 80/50 ED
Weeks 3-6: Test/Tren 100/75 ED
Weeks 7-8: Test/Tren/Mast 100/75/35 ED
Weeks 9&10: Test/Mast 200/75 EOD
Stasis 11-16

I could take this out another 2 weeks to give me a 6 week run on the Masteron if it's deemed wise. FYI - Have no gear shortage either. 5'6 175 lb BF 14% and dropping but cardio may take a hit with Tren use.



not slamming it but why the bump in the test? whats your personal reason behind this?
I found what works for me to ease into recovery better is to run 75/50 test tren but runing test 2 weeks past the tren at 100 ed then starting the stasis after that.

this is just what I have done but yours looks ok to me so far. and i can not comment on the mast I have no experiance in that compound yet so I have no idea where that should be placed into this cycle.

I also found that 8 weeks of tren is a bit long for me I start getting the cardio hit at about week 4 or so,I have dropped the tren at week 6 with no ill effects

6 weeks was plenty long to get the strength from the tren and that strength lasted well into week 7 and 8 then started to slowly drop down from there


Good to know. Reason for bump in Test was to enable me to bump up the Tren yet maintain Test/Tren ratio. Have you went above 50ED with Tren ever?

I figured if it's going to shut me down a little anyway that I should maximize the dosage - but if you've had good results with 50ED then I may actually do just that - looking for a drier look anyway.


I'm currently messing with 100prop/50tren/50winny ED and liking it. I started with 75prop/50tren for the first 2 weeks before adding the winny and I was noticing nice gains from it. I'll add I do use .25mg adex ED from a research chem site.

FWIW this is my first cycle.



I tried with over 50mg a day yes I went to 75mg a day but anything higher than 75 I was having anger issues.

Your going to be shut down anyways so why not play with the dose and see where you can have it, as you know everyones different some can handle 100mg ED some only 50 I am one the ones that can handle about 50mg and less is more for me.

very well respected people told me to keep the ratio to about 3/1 test tren but at low ed doses like Gerds' is perfect for me,I liked 100/50 for 4 weeks tha twas fun


You are doing a cutting cycle right?

The reason for including test was the DHT - ie. the libido and mood benefits with the concurrent use of the uncomfortable androgen trenbolone, correct?

Well.. Masteron will do all that for you. IMO Mast and Tren is a good basic cutting cycle that is not going to aromatize and will give good anabolism and massive MASSIVE androgenicity.

The test will increase gains potential, but will also add plenty of estrogen to the equation which will ask for a decently generous dose of an AI.. water.. etc.
This will be reduced a little by the masteron but accentuated by the tren.. 6 of one or 1/2 a dozen of the other!

It is a good addition, but i wanted to let you know that if your motives for adding it were only those i wrote above, then it is not too necessary and you could save your money.
You could also do the stasis taper with masteron IIRC.




Thanks DG - I should have mentioned Adex @ .125 ED

Btw, what were your reasons for bumping the test up?

PS (lol) first tren cycle ya mean? :slight_smile:


JJ - great insight, thanks.

Yeh, cutting cycle although my bf is relatively higher than most, it's pretty decent for me. And I may go with a lower dose test now, but yeh, I'm going to need it for wood, which is the reason behind the test. As you may or may not remember I'm 40 and my FT levels only hover around 300, so I take every opportunity to incorporate test as I enjoy the libido boost. So, WTBS, I do not question your knowledge, but not only do I enjoy the test but the mere thought of running tren without test scares the hell out of me.

With regard to the taper: I thought about using the masteron during stasis, but taper? Thought that was a no no.

Anybody have thoughts on a minimum test/tren ratio? Ideal ratios appear to be all over the place from 3:1 to 3:2 to 5:3


Mousse, you using adex at 0.125 mg or mL? Whats the dosage on your adex? Is it a research chem?

As far as optimal ratio of Test base : Progest base. I feel that 5:3 and do not go under 2:1 results in optimal gains vs. sides ratio for me. You may have to play with it a bit. But I do not feel there is a SET ratio. I think people who mention this should mention that it should be dosed to desired effects. You basically are trying to supply the body with the exogenous test that it will not be making due to shutdown from the Progest based Deca or Tren. The male body can use the Test kinda like it's own Test, but cannot use the Deca/Tren in the same way. In short, they do not provide the DHT based / Androgenic effects that the Test does.


Thanks DD. I'm going to stick with 80/50 (5:3) test/tren through the whole cycle now, meet up with the mast in the middle and into the taper a bit so I can get a feel for each one individually - there's always a next time to take the tren up to 75 - plus that way I can determine if coming down differs from this one.

Using research chem yeh - Anastrozole 1mg/ml...basically 3 drops ED.


I bumped it up for shits n giggles. lol Honestly I don't really know exactly why I bumped the test. It seemed like an even 1.5cc per shot sounded good and I also like the idea of a 2:1 test/tren ratio...although the sex drive was fine on 75:50.

No I mean it's my first cycle...EVER. I know I am going against the common dosing protocols and 'test only' first cycle, but I think I started with a base a little more advanced than your average person. Also test only doesn't sound as cool in regaurds of running up to a show .vs. with tren/winny. lol My avatar is me as a natural believe it or not (well lasix if you wanna nitpick)



Outstanding...be sure to update that avvy - youa are going to look sick!


Oh I will...thinking about posting some updated pics here shortly (once I'm a bit more tanned lol)



OK, I was just wondering about your adex. You're shooting for 0.25 mg ED right?

I know Brook and several others have stated that if you can control the E then the Tren gyno should be controlable too from the responsible use of Adex.


Actually no. Was thinking ED at .125 or half of that. I have had adverse sides at .25 ED. Once I feel the sides I may just come off the tren. Any thoughts on that DD?

I almost forgot. How much B6 is recommended for a tren cycle? I remember RJ saying that he uses B6 when he runs tren but I also know it's not a vitamin to screw around with.