Quick Cycle Before Going Back To School

Hey guys,

So I just finished my first cycle. It was a shorter Test E 500mg/w with an AI throughout and 4 Week PCT with Clomid and Novaldex ran for 8 Weeks. Got some decent gains out of it but now im going to take a break but I just thought might as well plan the next cycle - It would have been nice if I had HCG but really cant afford it lol.

Now Im looking to run Test E at the same dosage but for 10 weeks, Stack Anavar at 100mg/d with NAC to protect the liver anyone have any experience on the dosages of the orals or how long I should run it for? Hopefully when the water retention clears Ill make and keep about 4-8kg of the gains.

My diet is clean 200g Protein / 300Carbs / 70g Fat … I eat relative to my weight

Right after that i’m going to cut with clen but some people say you should run 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off during the cycle not after, any ideas why?
Stats: 180cm / 70kg / 17Y

Anyone can help me out? Suggestions appreciated

Glen can be slightly deterious to appetite so muscle preservation is harder to achieve. On cycle you have anabolic to protect the muscle. Have you ever used var before? That a big dose

No point in cycling off. I would stay on tren year round if I were you. Just keep the dose high and you won’t need clen. Clen is for wusses and U2 fans.