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Quick Cut Cycle OK after 8 Weeks?


So my last cycle was 8 weeks ago.. I have some left over Var, Clen, and T-prop... Just thinking about running it out should be 4-6 weeks for a quick shredd.. I see no reason to sit on it.. My next planned cycle isnt until Oct or Nov which is a bulk so I wouldnt use this stuff anyhow.. Yes I have anastrozle & hcg.. I C&B so this is just a minor blast.. Probably looking at this untill I run out the juice

T prop 100mg eod
Var 50mg day
Clen 3 tabs a day (3 weeks on then done)

Too much on the system or meh its ok???


Bit confused as to what you are expecting to say lol...

You say you blast n cruise and now you are doing a pretty mild blast of test p 100mg eod with adex and hcg in use... Not really much to say... My blasts look more like 100mg ED Test P and 100mg ED Tren Ace lol.


Sorry should have added... this is on top of my weekly trt dose...200mg test cyp..
Realy just concerned the var & clen is too much on my liver after only 8 weeks..
The bump in test isnt too wild so not so concerned there


All good to me mate... as said seems quite mild so wouldnt worry!


Thanks man I will proceed with getting hawt abzz