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Quick calorie poll

How many calories are you guys/gals consuming in your cutting and bulking phases?

I’m 194 pounds around 15 % BF and i get around 5000 kcals when bulking on a 40-45% fat (50%mono,25 % poly,25 %sat), 30-35% carb and 20-25% pro. For cutting it’s around 3000 kcals, possibly a bit more now, i’m still working on that one.

222lbs 6’4?’’ and 12-14%BF
Bulking: 4000-4400kcal
cutting: 2800-3200kcal

5’8, 192 12-14%BF, I have been on t-dawg consuming 2500-2800 calories (was 202 when started 5 weeks ago). Bulking be around 4K, but dont really wanna bulk no more at this height/time. My goal is to be around 180lbs 7-8% BF. Peace