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Quick Blood Work Question: TSR/TSB?


I have some blood work papers that I had done a few months ago and I noticed a number on there that I had no before. The printer at the doctor's office must have not been working well because the last letter of the acronym is faded...

So I've deduced that the letters are either TSR or TSB. Do these mean anything to anyone on here? The range goes from 0.4-4.0 and my levels were at 0.8. I had never noticed this before because of how the papers were clipped together.

Any ideas as to what TSR or TSB might be referring to?


0.4 - 4.0 is the range for the TSH test I've had. Could it be an H?


Quite possible it's an H. I was wondering if it was Thyroid stimulating hormone. 0.8 seems pretty low to me. If it were to be TSH, what would I do about such a low number?


Well, I am definitely not in the know on this stuff...beyond answers to questions I have posted here and what little bit I have read.
It is definitely possible that .8 is low for you...but it could be spot on. Most of what I have read is that 1.0 to 2.0 is optimal. Though, the official range is supposed to have dropped from what you have above to 0.3 - 3.0.

Having this result in conjunction with T4 and T3 would be helpful. Again, my understanding is...T4 is pretty much the storage state of the hormone. Once it is converted to T3 is when the magic starts.
A TSH in the lower end is not a problem, assuming that the others are not high or low.

If you think there is a problem, the web is full of potential symptoms.
For me, when I was mildly hypothyroid, I was more lethargic, was gaining weight and couldn't stop and had more mental fog (couldn't concentrate or remember things). Another set of symptooms if low body temp and feeling cold.
The opposite side, hyperthyroid, can elevate body temperature, result in weight-loss and, in my case, cause mild palpitations.

Hope this helps...