Quick Ben's Training Log

I’m at 212 lbs right now, trying to gain. I’m coming back after extended time off due to thyroid troubles and the shitty mental state that came with it. Happy to be back up and running. I’m training Max-OT style for the most part, but use slightly higher reps on everything: 6-8 mostly and up to 10-12 on triceps extensions. My main problem right now are my lagging triceps.

Today was chest and tris (I note working sets only):

Bench Press 237x5 242.5x4
Incline DB Press 85x7x2
Dips, pause at bottom and with a 45 strapped to my belt, 2x5
Smith machine lockouts 315x10 (not counting whatever the bar weighs)
Pushdowns 2 sets
PJR’s 90lb DB, 2x11

Back and biceps.

Kroc row 132x14
Strict DB row 90x14
Neutral Grip Pulldown 200x8x2
Medium Grip Pulldown 200x8 187x8
Seated Cable Row 200x8x2
Lat Stretch
Hammer curls 55x10
BB curl 110x6 100x8

I’ll post my current diet too. Anabolic Diet all the way, baby.


12 eggs
650g ham
400g ground pork
2 hamburger patties
300g cottage cheese
25g almonds
1 cup heavy cream

That’s about 300g fat, 300g protein, and 30g carbs. Comes to around 4000 kcal. I use virgin coconut oil for cooking, and take 5g of fish oil a day, so there are a few extra calories there… and of course some greens, spinach and broccoli mostly.

From Saturday morning to Sunday evening it is a free for all carb fest, as much I can cram down my gullet, but mostly from clean sources. I do allow some cereal and stuff like that, but over all not much sugar.

Feel weak and puny at the moment, here’s hoping this diet will put some meat on my bones.


Squats 287x8 309x6. Nice and deep.
Leg press 4 1/2 plates a side, 2x8, constant tension.
Hack Squat 2 plates a side 2x8, constant tension
Seated leg curls 110x8 121x8
Stiff legged deadlift (bar past toes, thanks for the tip Akuma!) 225x8x2

Quad stretch
Ham stretch

Well, it’s about time you made a log!

I’ll be following. Numbers are looking good for coming back to the game - good luck man!

[quote]SSC wrote:
Well, it’s about time you made a log!

I’ll be following. Numbers are looking good for coming back to the game - good luck man![/quote]

Thanks, and chime in whenever you want.

My pressing strength sucks, but then it always did… working hard to correct that. Now that I got my thyroid functioning and my metabolism back up, I’m actually struggling to put on weight. Going to try and keep my calories at 4000, but being more aggresive on the carb ups. I’m a fellow former lard ass, so the AD I feel is my best bet.


Standing MP 143x7x2
Seated DB Press 70x8 70x7
DB Laterals (strict to side) 31x8 31x6
Cable Laterals 33x10x2
Reverse Pec Dec 2x15
Shrugs 225x16

Abs and arms

Kneeling cable crunches 4x15
Fantabulous abzzz machine 3x15
Hammer curls 2x8 53lb DB’s
Alt DB curls 2x10 44lb DB’s
Pushdowns 2x10-12
Smith machine lockouts 330x11 (+ weight of bar)
Overhead extensions 2x12 63lbs

Bodyweight 210 today. Bumped my calorie intake by 500kcal a day this week and ended up losing 2lbs. W-T-F. Tomorrow will be the mother of all carb ups.

Chest and tris

Bench Press 242.5x5 238x5
Incline DB 88x8 88x6
Paused Dips (45) 5,4
Lockouts 315x10 (meh, I might cut these out here and do them only once a week when I hit arms.)
Pushdowns 2x12
PJR’s 94lb db x7x2

Back and biceps

I’ve been hitting it heavy (well, relatively) for 8 weeks now, and I’m starting to feel run down. I know from experience that it’s no good pushing it when my appetite and mood drops, and I start sleeping 12 hours a night. lol

I’m deloading until I feel ready to go heavy again. I knew there would be no point picking up a 60kg DB today.

Pump stuff:

DB rows 4x12
Medium Grip Pulldowns 2x12
Close Grip Pulldowns 2x12
Seated Rows 4x12
Alt DB curls 3x10
Reverse EZ bar curls 2x12

Was stuck without a gym for a few days because of family matters. That sucks, but such is life.

Today was Chest and Triceps.

Bench Press 242.5x5 242.5x4
Incline BB…

Progressed on everything, can’t be bothered to convert kg to lbs today. And I KNOW everyone hates KG. lol

Back and biceps.

DB rows 4x12
Medium Grip Pulldowns 2x12
Close Grip Pulldowns 2x12
Seated Rows 4x12
Alt DB curls 3x10
Reverse EZ bar curls 2x12

Feeling like crap lately, not sure what is going on. Probably not out of the woods with this thyroid stuff yet.

Oh yeah did legs today. Still deloading so nothing to write home about.

Oh yeah this thing, maybe I should remember to update once in a while.


First time trying out a new setup for bench, and it sucked ass. When I get into that full powerlifter setup with and arch and everything, my arms are too short to unrack the bar. lol


Bench 225x5 242.5x4x2 I…hate… bench press.
Incline BB 200x6
Dips 45x5x2 BWx10
PJRs 90x13x2
Pushdowns some x some

Back and bis

Krow row 132x17
T-bar row 4p x 9, 5p x 6
Wide grip cable row 2x10
Pulldowns 2x8
Seated DB Curls 3x8
Hammer curls 1x14

lol I keep forgetting this log, writing shit down is a pain. And I find I get too focused with numbers too. Anyway…

Bench is up to 260x3, yates row 315x5, BB curl 110x12 or so. Started doing close grip decline bench for tris, and like it very much.