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Quick Bench Question

I’ve been doing 5 sets of six of the same weight, only going up when I can complete all of the reps. I have been getting weaker, evidenced by the fact that three sessions ago I almost completed my five sets of six, but the last two seesions, I didn’t come close. My questions are:

  1. Should I take longer breaks between sessions?
  2. If so, how long? I am currently taking off 3 days between benching (I know, I know)
  3. If I should take 5 days or longer off, can I do some dips during this break?

First, with that volume you may need more recovery time. Second, try switching up and see what happens. There is no magic answer, everyone’s body is different. There is going to be an element of trial and error involved. Remember, the tortoise won the race, not the hare.

Getting weaker in your case could be due from a number of things:

  1. Stress in your life

  2. Poor diet

  3. Lack of sleep

You should not be getting weaker at each workout. An occassional dip happens, but not all the time. Try cycling the weights for a while.Take a few days odd and then do five sets of 6 with 20lbs less and work your way back up. This should give you some time to recover and build your confidence back as well.

After 4 weeks of 5x6, try 6x3 for while.

Mike Mahler

if you’re only doing that twice a week i doubt its too much volume and you’re probably not overtraining.

first check your nutrition and make sure thats covered pretty well. i can’t bench very well unless i get a decent night’s sleep before hand, so look into that too.

it depends on alot of things… how long are you resting between sets? and do you bench at the begining/end of your workout… etcetc, it could be alot of things.

try resting longer between sets, and maybe doing that bench routine when you’re less fatigued… and ya maybe try 5 days.

could be alot of things…