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Quick Bench Question + Shoe Question


Well, my bench max is about 245lb @ 245,
I would like to get it to 315lb. we have our High School weight lifting tournment in about 3 months, and to be a win this, I need at least a 315lb bench.

I haven't really did bench specific workouts, besides 5x5 which help me get to 245lb. What would you suggest to help me get to 315lb?

another thing, I have flat feet, and I can't always deadlift/squat barefoot.

so besides Converse All Star(chuck taylors and such) as I look really stupid in these, what is another flat shoe to wear?


There was an article just written on shoes, look on the home page. As for you doing bench, have you stopped progressing? Keep it going because you don't seem to have a problem with putting more weight onto the bar. Also eat more. Simple, but effective. What other variation of bench do you do?


I read that, but i will review it again

normal flat bench, close rip, front press

would including incline help as well?


You're in a gym, and you're there to workout. If you're trying to impressive someone with your outfit..I'm guessing you aren't too serious about lifting. Wear the Taylors or go barefoot as much as you can. Also what do you walk around with during the day? Give any shoe a go. The shoe alone isn't going to make or break your lifting.

Incline is great. It has definitely helped me lift more of my flat bench. I've been doing flat, incline, HS bench press, and flies for the last 6 months. All my lifts have been going up and I still expect them to. Just remember to train hard and eat right. You'll do fine.


I know what you mean, I need to find some then

Yeah, thanks man, flies, is something I forgot


flies isn't something that is necessarily going to boost up your bench but IMO I find they give me a fuller look. If you want your bench to go up, bench more often. Bench 2 maybe 3 times a week if you can recover quickly enough. Just train hard and eat well. goodluck


would this work the best?

Monday: deadlift-stiff legs-biceps
tuesday: bench, close grip, incline, triceps
wednesday: forearm or grip day maybe
thursday: Squat
friday: bench, front press, and such


so Shoes like this, will be the best?


Doesn't look bad. Just add more back on monday and more legs on thursday.


for me, I've found that a great way to increase bench PR rapidly is to add the following to the end of your current bench training:
set up a bench in a power rack. put the rack pins at lockout height and put the safety pins about two notches below this. put the bar on the rack pins and load the bar with a weight greater than your 1 rep max.

Get on the bench and perform the limited-range-of-motion bench press.
Each workout, lower the safety pins by a notch to increase the range of motion until eventually you have made a new PR by lowering all the way to your chest.
You can also add some heavy negatives in with this setup.

The other thing that I'd add is benching from the bottom portion of the lift (i.e. starting with the weight resting on safety pins around chest-height and bench up from there, instead of starting at the top and lowering.) After each rep, let the bar rest for a few seconds on the pins at the bottom before benching the bar up. You'll be surprised at how light you have to go on this.


Yes, doing what LiarPants says was very useful in getting my bench up.

Bench at least 2 times a week. Do less variations in one workout. eg

Monday: deadlift-stifflegs, biceps
tuesday: decline bench, dips, lats
wednesday: rows, traps, grip
thursday: Squat
friday: dumbell bench, rack lockouts, triceps, dumbell rows

First exercise go up to a 3RepMax, do a few sets of that, and then finish with an isometric hold at the top of the exercise. Second exercise do 7RepMax, third exercise do 3x15, or something like that.

Don't just do what I say, but that is an idea for you to try out.


Wear the chucks.


he should be doing lats rows and traps on the same day as the deadlift, not on a seperate day.


if you want to get your bench up you have to simply eat more, and vary your chest workouts. Demand more from your body, you'll be surprised how strong you really are, and even if you need a spotter, during the negative stage of a lift your muscles are still being worked out. Liarpantsonfire has a good workout id highly recommend that. it'll allow you to put on more weight without killing yourself. your body is smart, if you put on more weight, it'll adapt.




Excuse me if this is a stupid question, but... what's the connections with:
1) Him having a flat feet?
2) Not being able to do deadlift
and 3) Wearing "flat shoes" like the Converse All Star?

I'm a newbie and don't really understand this...



alot of time when deadlifting. its best to have a flat shoe, for better stability. when you dont have flat shoes, your legs kindof move around.


lol. i really don't think shoes are going to impact his bench much at this stage.

good luck with the competition man!


a good program just to change things around and add a new aproach to the gym is to use the sheiko powerlifting work-out. I love it personally and have seen great gains in the time i've been doing it espeacilly in the first 4 or 5 weeks. Try it out man shot my bench up 50 pounds, squat 45, and deadlift 50 or 60.


well the shoe and bench were seperated questions :stuck_out_tongue:

and thanks for the luck

also I will look into the sheiko powerlifting work-out
and if I have any questions will report back here


sounds good man, best of luck