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Quick and Dirty Brainwashing

Ever get the uneasy feeling when someone is giving you the evil eye and sizing you up? Two of the high school guys who scoped me out on a couple of occasions at the pool started talking to me last week and wanted to know if I was juicing. After a couple of questions I found out they wanted to go on a steroid cycle. They couldn’t describe their cycle in detail and thus didn’t strike me as being particularly well-prepared to embark on such an endeavor. So I listed some potential side effects that seemed to give them pause. They had the misguided notion that being freakishly muscular will make them popular with the girls. As Brock Strasser commented in another thread, au contraire. I pointed this out to them but sadly they still wished to proceed. At any rate I may now be part of a posse of punk kids.

The next time I see them I'm going to suggest they come to this site for more info. This week's Guest Atomic Dog is especially timely. Also, If any of the posters here work with reckless teenagers and have good ideas on effective face to face brainwashing tactics, please advise.

Good for you. Now is a time for you to show some leadership (a skill.art that will come in hand later, so start practicing it now). If you have indeed become part of their posse take them under your wing, guide them along. They most likely haven’t gotten anywhere near their maxium potential. Lead them through the basics, when they start making progress they will credit you. You cn always use the cost of Bio-Test versus other substances as a good argument. Best of Luck.

Tell them that their nuts’ll shrink. Then all the muscle that they’ve put on to get the girls won’t be of any use at all.