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Quick ALA Question


Hey guys,

I take generic off-the-shelf Walgreen's "Nature Made" ALA b/c it's cheap and easy.

Anyways, I take 200mg capsules. I usually take 200mg per 50g carb. That means I take 1-2 caps at most meals. Anyway, I take ALA pretty much every day.

Is ALA the kind of supp you have to 'cycle off' and take a break from, or can you take it forever? Thanks.


no "cycling" necessary


also take R-ALA if you can. Especially pre-workout.


Hmm.... maybe I'm wrong, but I thought John Meadows adivised the one time NOT to take GDA's was pre-workout.


I never heard him say that, maybe he did... but maybe he was talking about his specific GDA supplement (and not R-ALA), I don't know.

I don't see how R-ALA can't be good for pre-workout though... it improves insulin sensitivity, and enhances post-workout recovery because of glycogen synthesis and increasing ATP levels.


Well I just take 1-2 pills ALA (200 mg each) right before I eat carb meals. Just wasn't sure if it was the kind of thing you had to cycle like some other supps, but I guess not!

As far as R-ALA, i know it's better, but it's also more expensive...I just get a bottle for 12 dollars and that lasts me a week usually.


It might be more expensive but you have to take less of it, much less. I don't think 1-2 pills of regular ALA (at 200mg) is even close to enough. That would be enough for R-ALA, however.


I've always heard 200mg ALA per 50g carbs. Most of my meals are ~50-100g carb, so I just take 1-2 pills w/ them


I dunno, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. I do know though that 200-400mg R-ALA is recommended pre-workout, and that amount does not equal 200-400mg ALA.


i'll weight in a little bit. 50% of your "ALA" is the right isomer, so essentially, your getting half the dose on the label HlSS. however, since presumably the two isomers compete for uptake, simply doubling the dose might not be as effective. thus, i think the recommendation is ~100mgs R-ALA/50g carbs OR 250-300mgs of the "ALA" (your racemic mixture)/50g carbs.


Found the Livespill. Just so you know I wasn't talking out my ass. lol

raphbouillon: I have 80g of carbs with breakfast(pre-workout) and 50g postworkout with some aminos..and an hour later a protein shake with some oats (50g) of carbs...My question is...Why is it bad to take chromium around training...If it help to have a better absorbtion of carbs...Not that I dont trust you..But just curious :stuck_out_tongue:

John Meadows response:
raph - no problem...that is a GREAT question. Remember that the GDAs drive nutrients into cells and take glucose out of blood - I actually want glucose in your blood while oyu are doing hard weight training!



i remember that spill. i think he was referring to the fact thaat GDA's clear carbs from the bloodstream and he was saying he wanted carbs in the blood stream to be more readily available for energy... or something alone those lines


hmmm... well he's right that GDA's put glucose from the blood into the cells, why wouldn't you want that during training? You'd want the glucose/aminos to be transported to the muscle cell, but you can still flood your bloodstream with glucose by taking big gulps of SWF during your training. Well that's my opinion on it, lol.


I think it's minutia. Some people say to take them before training, some don't. I remember I treid Glycobol a while back, and on the bottle it said to only take w/ complex carbs, so that would mean to not take them pre-training (assuming that training carbs are 'fast acting' simple sugars). I think the whole GDA thing is interesting and good, and there are many methods to taking them.

I've also been putting cinnnamon in my shakes and oatmeal for more GDA-like effects. And when I have a cheat meal I take like 5 ALA pills. Cheat meals are monstrous though (little caesars pizza and a quart of ice cream, or something along those lines) ololol.


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then why do they recommend to take Receptormax before lifting, if it has R-ALA in it?


i never would get hypo when taking glycobol before my oats.

maybe bc the carbs were slow enough but idk. just throwing that out there

edit (^before hitting the gym)


^ is that in response to my post about glycobol?

I was just relaying that the bottle said to take glycobol only with complex carbs.

I take ALA just because it's quick and easy, whatever. Cheap as well at Walgreens. But I was curious how much it REALLY does? I mean, has anybody taken it, then not taken it and noticed a real difference? It drives glucose into cells, but how much,and how effectively?
Basically I'm saying that I take it, but don't really notice much, mainly because I'm not a detail micromanager and don't record every little change in my body, but also b/c I'm not horribly insensitive to carbs, and they don't affect me badly like they do to some people (those on the AD, for example).


nah, i meant that in regard to not taking GDA's before training. i meant to add that in there


Guy in a supplement store told me it's beneficial to take this stuff with creatine. He claimed it improved creatine absorbancy?