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Quick Advice on Gyno Issue

goodmorning, I have been through with my first cycle for about 9 months now. My first cycle consisted of dbol at 25 mg a day for the first 4 weeks, and test e at 500 mg a week for 10 weeks. And my pct was toremifen and nolvadex. Unfortunately I didnt run my pct too well, just was unmotivated.

But I recently felt a little sore around my left nipple, and felt around, and I believe I am getting gyno. I still have maybe a week or two worth of toremifen and nolvadex, but am thinking about buying letro for a quick fix for the gyno, but I also feel my natural test level isnt where it should be.

Should one or two weeks worth of tore at 60 mg a day rebound my natural test significantly, or should i just buy more torem when i purchase my letro?

If you’ve been off for 9 months and the issues just started now, there might be something else going on with you completely unrelated to that cycle. Have you had problems since the end of the cycle or its just occurring now?

I noticed a few signs in the past, my nipples tingled and were sore, but there was never a lump, there still really isnt a lump. Before it was around my nipple area, so i wasnt real sure, and still am not too sure, just would like to be safe. But yes there have been signs the past 9 months. Still not a lump technically, just hardening of the nipple, and sore.