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Quick 1st Cycle Question


Hi, first of all, many thanks to the authors and memebers that share their knowledge with others for free.

Anyway, I've read and read and read...Hell, I feel like I could pass an AAS exam and I appreciate that more than if someone had just handed out a cycle with me having no clue as to what does what, how, and why.

I'm going to do a newbie Test E frontloaded 8wk cycle.

My PCT is secured, which finally brings me to my question.... I know naming sources is a no no here so I was hoping one of you would let me email or PM you with the name of a source that I've found and let me know if you've heard of them and whether or not to use them. If not, I'll get back to searching, totally not begging for your's and totally don't want to have to read 50 posts about what a dipshit I am (joke)....

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You are welcome to PM me, but your stats are a real concern. Can I ask why you would be contemplating starting a cycle when you purportedly weigh under 150lbs at 5'10"? Is there something I'm missing here?


Point taken...I didn't want to bore readers with too much info. From 1999-2003 I don't think I missed 5 workouts, ate a minimum of 3000 calories/day, kept strict logs of both, did two "cycles" of 1AD and reached a whopping 159lbs. Then I broke my back. I'm fine now, other than pretty much constant sciatica. I wrestled 130 in high school and 117 in college so 158 was "big" for me but not big enough.

Anyway, since my return to the gym, I haven't missed a workout, back at 3000/day...I got back down to 131 last year on the 1 divorce and 2 deaths diet so today @ 148 I'm excited by my progress. I'm 35 yrs old and had bloodwork done last wk...test level was 507.

Having said all of that, I decided that with my historical norm around 130, my self-perceived ceiling of 150-160, my age, and modest lab results...I'd like to do a cycle.

I've read a ton of these and you guys always bring up good points, feel free to tell me if you think I'm jumping the gun or if my logic is flawed. This wasn't a "shortcut" decision.