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Quetions about 3x3

I’m trying to make sure I fully understand how this Korte 3x3 system works.

From what I’m seeing you have a mesocycle and you do taht meso cycle for 4 weeks. In the mesocycle you have 5 microcycles on the 3 days. my question is are you supposed to go thru a microcycle once and do each microcycle for 5 reps or are you supposed to go through each microcycle 5 times. So if you have:

Micro1: 60%
Micro3: 70%
and all the micro’s are from a 5RM then do you just go through that microcycle once for that excercise or do you go through it 5 times? Any other info about the 3x3 diagram would be helpful as well.