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Queston for CT about IBUR

I am currently in the midst of a bulking phase but will soon be cutting up for summer.

Current stats are:

5"10 220 lbs. around 16% BF

I am shooting for 225lbs and around 12% body fat by end of summer.

I would like to incorporate IBUR training during my cutting phase for fat loss but have this issue.

I have had over 6 knee operations including two major ACL reconstructions and given my size, the pounding my knews take with running can cause inflamation in the joint and excess pain.

This of course then impedes my leg workouts. I do much better on the stationary bike.

Any thoughts on how I might translate your IBUR programming to something comparable on the bike.

Let me know if this is at all possible or if I am better off using another angle for fat loss. Any thoughts on this guys would be great.

I am really looking for a solid fat loss/.cardio program that can effctively utilize the bike. I am hoping to do some morning FS cardio on non lifting days and post workout cardio on lifting days. Followed of course by surge.

My diet is clean and I keep my carbs on the low side and my protein high and most of my dietary fat from flax, eggs and meat (some nuts)

I also live in a deep freeze called
Edmonton where it is tough to run outdoors this time of year but no excuse as there are some indoor tracks.

Thanks guys for your inout.

You can implement the IBUR program on the bike. Just do the specified time intervals and intensity on the bike. When it calls for jogging, pedal at a moderate pace. When it calls for spritning, go all out! You need to find a setting on the bike that will allow you to “sprint” without your legs flying around. You’ll have to find the optimal resistance that will keep your legs in place when they’re moving around at fast speeds. Its gonna take some button pushing as you’re IBURing but once you get the hang of switching resistance levels as its called for, you’ll be fine.

It won’t be the same intensity as IBURing on the ground because the upperbody is stationary and isnt getting the workout you normally would from jogging/sprinting. If you don’t care about looking weird, swing your arms like you’re running as you pedal. You can also add the lightest dumbells you can find (1lb or 2lb ers) to make your upper body work a little harder.

You could also do pool workouts in water depth up to your neck - do form running (running A’s) on the spot, and vary your intensity by time. - The neat thing about this kind of workout is the wierd sensation you get when you get out of the water after your workout - its the result of your body getting used to being weightless in the water, then having to readjust once you get back on dry land.

Since its too cold outside to run and my gym has shitty cardio equipment, I’ve been using IBUR on the bike and actually get a very good workout from it. Here’s what i do…First I warm-up with a few min of light cardio, then go through some dynamic stretching, almost like what i would do before a sprint session. This way when i get on the bike im already sweating and warmed up. You’ll have to play with the resistance settings depending on how good your bike is. The bikes at my gym are old Life-Fitness models so they aren’t very smooth. I try to keep the “Jog” intervals at level 4, trying to keep my rpm’s at least at 80. For my sprint intervals i’ll go up to level 11 and go as hard as i can trying to keep the rpm’s over 120 and never going below 110. As the fatigue level increases during the workout i might decrease jog interval to level 3 and sometimes by the last 70sec sprint interval i have to go down to level 10. If i really feel my power output dropping during the sprint interval i might lower the resistance during the sprint interval. The most important thing to remember is to go all out during the sprint interval as hard as you can. Last time i did it i was able to achieve a Heart Rate of 96% of my MHR during the last 3 sprint intervals. See if your gym has the straps that go around the pedals, they will keep your feet in place. I’ve had other well trained people try this program on the bike and if the go hard enough it kicks their ass. I have also used IBUR on eliptical machines that have the moveable arms on myself and clients. This works very well since you can move your arms in addition to your legs.