questoin on bodyweight exercises

hey i’m new here and all i can say is that this mag is incredible…

my question as i seek some advice from you guys…
what good are bodyweight exercises?
i mean everybody from the military to top athletes do them. i did them in highschool, but now that i lift 3 times a week i’m afraid if i include any bodyweight exercises i might screw something up.
any help in this matter would greatly appreciated.

The military does them in basic training for endurance purposes and as a psychological tool. Soldiers actually get stronger AFTER basic training when they have more sleep and access to the weightroom. Read the Navy Seal training guide. After they are in, the Seals go into the weight room and use the same methods as us to become stronger.

Some bodyweight exercises are effective depending on the load they provide relative to the maximum weight you could lift in that movement. In lieu of significant load, isometrics and explosive tempos are the most common methods to get strength and hypertrophy out of bodyweight exercises.

Mass amounts of BW reps can increase capillaries and indirectly stimulate the effects of heavy weight work through increased blood flow to the muscle. See Chad Waterbury’s “100 reps” program.