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Questn 4 Brock Strasser

Hi there.

I was wondering, a while back there were quite a few discussions on complexing hormones with hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin.

I have a couple of questions regardin this:

  1. Is it necessary to dissolve the hormone in propylene glycol or an alcohol before complexation? I have seen experiments where the hormone and HPBCD were simply combined in an aqueous medium and left to complex over a period of days. Is this acceptable?

  2. Concerning sub-cutaneous injection of the substance, it might be nice to increase the hormone concentration to about 100mg/ml as opposed to the 20-30mg/ml people can get now. Is there any method of doing this without the solution becoming too viscous?

  3. Since Tren. Ace. and Test Prop have a molecular weights less than 400, could one also not create complexes of these, either for sub-q or sub-lingual deliverY? If so, what would happen to the estrogen on something like revalor, or the component products? Obviously, both estradiol benzoate and 17-B-estradiol will complex as well, but what happens with the estradiol salt if the pellet-solution is exposed to NaOH or KOH? I’m basically wondering if it will complex, since it’s hydrophyllic. If it doesn’t complex, then could there not be a way to precipitate the tran-HPBCD complex out of the solution, leaving the estradiol salts behind? How active are these estradiol salts in the human body?

  4. What is your opinion if the following method which I found on-line:
    Revalor does contain estradiol which will cause gyno easily if this product is used as is. There is a way to remove the estradiol from the implant by doing to following: Gather about 2-3 of the pellets together and grind them up with the back of a spoon and make the pellets into as fine of a powder as you can. Then, get 50 ml of diethyl ether (pretty easy to obtain from any chemical supplier) and mix this combination together in a bowl. You then have to let the solution evaporate allowing crystals to form in the bowl. The crystals that form at the top of the bowl contain the estradiol that you are trying to get rid of. You then need to place this solution in the freezer overnight to help aid in most of the estradiol being removed from the testosterone-ether solution. By the next morning, you will pull this solution out of the freezer and the frozen crystallized estradiol will have risen to the top of the bowl (just like bread rising in the oven, he! he!). You then would scrape or scoop the crystals off the top of the solution and get rid of them. The remaining crystal that are left at the bottom of the bowl contain the Revalor that you are trying to get. Then let them air dry for a while to get the majority of the ether off the crystals. You then need to place these crystals in the oven on a low temperature to get rid of any ether that remains for a few hours and you should have left the dry Revalor crystals that you need with a minimum of ether left in them. Make sure you have let them air dry first though. You don’t want to blow up the house by putting a bowl of ether in the oven just because you are a little to fucking impatient to get big. Make sure that it is a electric oven as well, you definitely don’t want to use a gas oven for this procedure. Revalor-S cartridges contain 70 pellets apiece. You can’t eat the cartridges either. They must be administered one of two ways.

Thanks for reading. I really hope somone will help.