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Barbell Floor Press:
Is this exercise executed the same as a Bench press, but stopped when elbows hit the ground?

When I do a super set, do i need to rest in between? Or do I do the exercises back to back?

How far should may hands be apart? Shoulder width?

What is the difference between Romanian dead lift and rack pulls?



Yes, since you won't be able to bring your elbows down any further. One good way to perform it is to grip the bar like you're trying to bend it. Actually try to bend the bar(although you won't succeed of course). This flexes the lats and brings the elbows closer into your body and keeps the tension in your upper body very high.


A Romanian deadlift is known more descriptively as a stiff-legged deadlift. It's done from the floor like normal but instead of crouching down to start it's done from a straight legged standing position.

A rack pull is a deadlift done normally (legs bent) but the weight is pulled off of a rack instead of the floor. The range of motion is less, which allows you to work with more weight.

I do my dips with my hands spaced at exactly the width of the dip tower. Any less, or more, and I think I would fall down. :slight_smile:


RDLs vs SLDLs:

Rack pulls:
(Tip #4)
(scroll down...)

About dips:


Appreciate the help guys.