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I am planning a 5 week cycle of Androsol at 50sprays 2/day, I am 5’10, 190lbs, 12Bf, I plan on eating 300+g protein/day, 250+g carbs/day, 100+g fat/day, I gained 6lbs in 2weeks last time and have been on maintenance for 4weeks. My first questiion is TC’s Tsunami training enough volume or should I through in an extra set of 8-12 on each exercise. When I finish (36days) I plan to take 1 week off from training(active rest-swimming every other day, and muff diving when the situation permits)and I will use Tribex-500 to regain natural T levels. My second quesiton is should I do maintenance for a week or 2 or jump into the T-dawg diet and 6 MD-6 a day(and the German Body comp after resting for a week)is the shock to much for the extra muscle I built or will it be especially good for dropping fat since I will have been on a moderately high carb intake.