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Hi, new to the forums but i’m going to start posting alot more if theres lots of regulars here.

Well I just turned 18 and i’m at my goal bodyweight but of course i want to keep going(when I was 16 i set a goal to weigh 215 by my 18th birthday…I weighed 160 at 6’3"). Right now i just have some small questions regarding nutrition.

I’m going to start taking flax oil. I heard that it breaks down and is not useful if not refrigerated? Is that true? Because my GNC only sells them off the shelf and they’ve been sittin there for awhile heh because no one uses it.

I have a question regarding a power phase as i'm interested in finding a new one as the one i used to use, www.musclemedia.com/ training/bench/benchintro.asp is getting kind of old. I incorporate basically heavy reps of squat, bench and deadlift along with complementary exercises of 6-8 reps during this 2 week long power phase(12 rep phase lasts 2 weeks, 8 rep phase lasts 4 weeks and power 2 then 1 week rest). I want to incorporate some westside techniques so if anyone has some links or anything I could use that would be helpful.

One last thing, for protein I mainly use eggs and tuna, does anyone know a good way to cook chicken breast so you can microwave it when you need it?

Regarding the flax oil, it would be optimal if it was refrigerated the whole time, but it is the exposure to oxygen that causes it to go rancid, so just make sure that you refrigerate it after it is opened or actually as soon as you get home. For Westside information, use the search engine and read everything by Dave Tate and then cruise on over to his site elitefts.com. Regarding the power phase, I don’t have a lot to add, but would suggest that if you can extend that time period a little longer, you could use a 4 week cycle of Convergent Phase Training. It’s written by Charles Staley and is in the previous issues somewhere. For chicken, I’ll marinate a whole bag of frozen breasts in teriyaki and then bake them in a coverd baking dish to keep the moisture in. You can stick them in a tupperware container and microwave them as necessary.