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How would you take Surge Workout Fuel, HOT-ROX Extreme, TRIBEX Gold and Rez-V , together. Timing, dose, etc...thanks for all the help


Read the labels of all of them. They give dosing suggestions on all of the bottles.


Deadpool concurs with B rock.

Totally depends on your training goals. Since you're using HOT-ROX, I'm guessing you're after fat loss. I'd go:

Surge Workout Fuel - 1-2 scoops during your weight training session.

HOT-ROX - Depending on your tolerance, two capsules first thing in the morning, two in the early afternoon. (That's the max dose. If you've never used it before, start with one in the morning, a few days later, add one in the afternoon, then add a second in the morning, if possible, finally add a second in the afternoon.)

TRIBEX - Two tablets first thing in the morning, two in the afternoon.

Rez-V - Three caps first thing in the morning.

So, as soon as you wake up, you're having Rez-V, TRIBEX, and HOT-ROX with a huge glass of water. Maybe an hour before lunch, you're having TRIBEX and HOT-ROX. During your lifting, you're drinking Surge Workout Fuel.

Problem solved/question answered?


Chris' recommendations are excellent however there are alternatives. Here's my take:

With TRIBEX and RezV timing is not that important.

TRIBEX- Take on empty stomach as directed on the bottle twice a day. Otherwise take a full dose at bedtime as recommened by Thib.

Rez-V take at the same time every day.

Personally I take mine altogether at bed time with ZMA.

SURGE Workout Fuel you can go 1 scoop 15 mins before your workout, and add another scoop for each half hour for the duration of your workout and another scoop with Surge Recover post workout.


THanks for the suggestions, this is why Im learning and love this site...BROCK, you telling me everyone on this site follows the lables for dosing and timing. hmmmmm


nah i'm sure some people don't. i bet some people use less...and that's usually due to finances and/or personal tolerance. i'd also put money that people use more...and i call them stupid.

but hey; that's just me. what do i know? i'm just a talking avatar with a big jug of water!