Questions: Training, Creatine, Protein

So, I woke up today from a weeks vacation. I have had nothing to eat yet this morning therfore, empty stomach. I weighed myself and I am 158.5. :frowning: I’m not laying the blame on anyone but myself, but about a month ago I was up to 168-170 and very content with my gains. I got “depressed” or whatever excuse I have and stopped eating and lifting. I am ready to bounce back and get back to my goals. I am doing this for myself and no one else. I would, however, appreciate any feedback. I am going to try and post what I eat and how my training days are. Tell me if I should be doing something more, less, etc. Here are my questions though…

  • I am taking the creatine I ordered from this site.
    What should I take it in?

  • Let’s say I get too full off of liquids.
    Should I take my protien first or after my workouts? If before, should I also take after? I’m kinda on a budget.

  • On the second four weeks of my training, it goes to a strength phase. 12 sets of 4 reps. Is there an easy way to know how to guage your weight without getting destroyed by your 8th set? If not, just trial and error?

  • Of course, like a lot of people on here, I am here to gain, not lose, I’m alright sized and “cut.” The only thing that has confused me about lifting was the diet part. I figure, from what I read, I need 1.5 grams of protein per body weight, surplus of good calories, and as little fat as possible? Just tell me about dieting, and if you tell me to go to the dieting page, at least give me a helpful link.

Thanks to anyone who replies. I’ll check up on this periodically throughout the day.

Take your creatine in grape juice, or in a post workout drink.

Try to eat some protein about 1 hour before lifting. If you want to limit your liquid intake, save your shake for post workout. Personally, I sip half a serving of Surge during my workouts, and slam the rest immediately after my last set.

You’ll have to use trial and error for your weight. However, if you’re doing strength work, your rests should be long enough that for 12x4, your weight should be pretty close to your 6rm. Err on the side of light for your first workout, and keep your form perfect, then up your weights as needed.

For diet, check out the stickies, and the following links.
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One more thing, don’t limit your fat intake. You need a good balance of healthy fats to support hormone production. If you cut all fats from your diet, you’ll reduce your Testosterone production, which is really not what you want when bulking, or cutting, or any other time.

Thanks a lot. I appreciate the eating articles. I’m gonna grab some grape juice.

Yep, massive eating rules all.

Actually, I’d like to add my own question about Creatine. I mix two scoops of whey protein with milk and creatine; consume half before, and half during my workout. Is it alright to not have another shake afterwards? Is it sensible to put the creatine in the pre/peri workout shake?


As far as pre/peri/post workout shakes, if you’re recovering fine with just a pre/peri shake, then there’s no reason to add a post shake. Try it out and see what works best for you. Personally, I’ve found that a solid meal 1-2 hours before I lift, followed by Surge during and after my workout works best for me. One thing I would recommend is to add some sugar to your shake, as the insulin spike will help speed the delivery of the protein in the shake to your muscles for recovery. That should also be perfect for creatine.

Alright, thanks. I appreciate the information.