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Questions: Training, Creatine, Meal Frequency

Couldn’t find the “single question” thread, sorry if missed it.

So here I come:

  1. I’m going to try HST training. Just standard 15-10-5, 1 set for 15, 2 for 10 and 3-4 for final 5. I’d like to throw a complex right after my training, would it:

a)slowen my muscle growth
b)prevent my body from getting any additional fat while bulking
c)help me go godmode - droping some fat while gaining size
d)waste my time

And is that a good idea at all?

  1. Wherever I go, I hear different opinions. Can I mix creatine with my protein&carbs shake right after workout? Or do I have to separate it from meals.

  2. I’m 6’3" and 207lbs. My diet is about 300g protein, 300-500g carbs(OFF/ON days) and 90g fats. Went from 200lbs to 207lbs within last 6 weeks. Is that a good gain or shall I improve something in my diet?

  3. Does it matter whether I eat 4 meals 1000 calories each or 10 meals 400 calories each?

Thanks for any help. :slight_smile:

a)Complexes will make you burn more calories, but if you’re eating enough you’ll still gain weight. Make sure you’re eating enough to compensate.
b) You’ll gain fat while bulking, it’s very hard to avoid. That doesn’t mean you’ll look fatter, or be fatter.
c) If you’re a beginner than just lifting should do that.

  1. Yes, mix it with protein and carbs.
  1. Probably not to any great extent. Though I prefer to eat most of my calories around the workout.

Thanks for answers. :slight_smile:

Just one more question, when it comes to post-workout shake, can I mix my carbs/protein/creatine with milk or should I rather stick to water?