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Questions to Ask My Physical Therapist?


Hey all,

Got the results from my shoulder MRI (w/ arthrogram); nothing’s torn, thank God. Diagnosis is bursitis. Received cortisone injection this morning. Dr said not to start PT until Friday at the earliest, even if it feels better before then. I’m starting next Monday, due to my schedule.

I wasn’t all that thrilled with the PT I had before, although I never had anything to judge it by since it was my first experience with PT. I didn’t get any real 1 on 1 attention, and my PT was a student (supposedly with the guidance of an experienced PT reviewing her).

I expressed my displeasure with that PT and facility with my Dr and she said she’s heard similar experiences from other patients who’ve been at that facility. I was referred to another PT that is supposed to focus on athletes and sports PT as opposed to PT to get through your day (reaching the coffee can on the top shelf, reaching for clothes in the dryer, etc.)

What specific questions would you ask a PT to make sure they understand that you want to get better so you can get back to being active, lifting, sports, etc.

Sorry for the rambling and potentially silly post, but I’m totally new to getting PT (aside from the bad experience). Any help will be appreciated.



Obviously questions for the therapist are important, but just as much (if not more) is the importance of the questions your therapist asks you.
Make sure they know the type of activities you’d like to return to doing, exact ranges of motion and loads that cause discomfort, and be as detailed as possible if you have ideas of how/why the discomfort started.


Thank you. I’m an engineer by degree, and my late father was a tool & die maker and a machinist who worked in the medical field, so being overly analytic and detail oriented is in my blood, haha!