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Questions: T-Dawg Diet 2

I have been on this diet now about a week and if feel very greasy! Does anyone think that the multipyer (15) might be too hight? What I am asking, is all that fat in this diet ok?

I am consuming:
100g carbs
334g protein
124g Fat

2860 kcal
I lift 3 days and try and get some cardiovascular exercise 3-4x per week. I also exercise with my students(I am doing my final student teaching in physical education).

My stats:
224 lbs
24% BF
Also, I am currently on my first week of the meltdown 2 exercise program.

Hey, there, stevearthur!

I’ll show you how I run the numbers on T-Dawg.

Your LBM is roughly 170 pounds. A good number for protein is 1.5g x LBM or 255g of protein per day. Divide that by six meals per day and you get 42g per meal. For fat use .4g x LBM or 68g per day. Fat should be divided roughly equally between your P+F meals.

So remember. You get 70g of carbs (Total Carbs minus Fiber = Impact Carbs) on days you don’t lift weights. And you get 100g of carbs on days you do lift weights. But the reason for that is so that you are able to optimize post-workout (PWO) nutrition. And what I mean by that, is use Surge PWO.

Try that and get back with me!

One thing you might try, too, is making sure you’re getting plenty of polyunsaturated fats and Omega-3s… fish-oil caps, etc. and monounsaturated fats like olive oil, etc.

These fats will help keep your T-levels high, and Omega 3s have the “magical” ability to help you lose fat.

Dan “Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill, Fats that make you LOOK GOOD NEKKID!!” McVicker


If I reaqd you right then on workout days I should get 2032 kcals and 1912 kcals on non-workout day? What happened to the whole body weight multiplied by 15= 3360 kcal for maintance and 3360-500= 2860 kcals for weight loss? I would think the LBM is a better idea, however I don’t remember mention of this in the t-dawg ver. 2 diet article.

So I am looking at:
Workout Non-Workout
Protein 255g 255g
Carb 100g 70g
Fat 68g 68g
2032 kcals 1912 kcals

Is that right? Also, I am a physical education teacher and I run almost everyday with my students, between 20-40 mins per day (all classes included), does this count as a workout day?

Well, the multipliers for maintenance vary widely from individual to individual. Maintenance might be a multiple of 18 for a male 21 years of age who is physically active. Maintenance for me is a multiple of 13.

You can use a multiplier of 15 and then subtract 500 calories per day from whatever that number is OR you can go with the numbers I gave you. No matter which you choose, adjustments typically need to be made. If you’re losing weight too quickly (more than 2 pounds per week), you would need to adjust calories upward. If you’re not losing weight fast enough (less than one pound per week in your case), calories would need to be adjusted downward.

I would recommend, however, that you not make any changes to your diet or caloric intake once you’ve decided on a number for THREE weeks. It takes the body that long to settle into new eating patterns and stabilize. At that point add or subtract 250 calories per day.

Just see how it goes. I’ll help you adjust things down the road if you need help.

And, too, if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask! (grin)

I think you’re head on with the calories, assuming you have about 165 lbs of lean mass.

The body multiplied by 15 minus 500 is way too many calories for fat loss. You’d have to be genetically gifted at burning calories or a really fat dude for that high or a caloric intake to work.