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Questions & Substitutions for Athletic Lean, Athletic Strong

Hi guys,

After advice from a few people on this forum, after recent strength+fat gains, I’m doing this program to improve conditioning and power, lose fat and maintain absolute strength. https://www.t-nation.com/training/athlete-lean-athlete-strong

However, few questions and a few substitutions needed due to Covid. Are these all ok/minor subs?

  1. Program calls for 30m and 60m sprints. I have 20m of room, so plan to straight swap 30m for 20m. Instead of 60m I’ll do shuttle runs of 3*20 (slightly difference exercise therefore as it means a turn). That ok?

  2. On the Wednesday, do you do one B and one C or both Bs and both Cs? I.e Bike and Run or just one of these?

  3. Replace Rower with bike work for same distance? Should I add extra face pulls/pull apart a with resistance bands to get the pulling benefit of rower?

  4. I’ve not done power clean or power snatch before. Should I learn it and just stick to low weight or find a sub? I’ve done a similar move with kettlebells and doesn’t look too complex (unlike some Oly lifts which I wouldn’t attempt for the first time when doing a demanding program like this!).


You can’t do 20m sprints on a 20m track. You need deceleration time. AT BEST the last 5-7m will be spent decelerating. Furthermore, there is a reason for 30m: it’s the distance for maximum acceleration, 60m is the top speed distance.

The shuffle runs are not a “slightly different exercise”, it’s not even remotely close to training the same physical capacity. It’s not a bad exercise, and it can certainly but you won’t improve the same thing.

You can always go do the sprints outside.

You do the first one, unless you can’t do it because of space or equipment. The second of each letter is an alternate exercise.

Bike work is not the same thing. The best alternative to a rower is a assault bike/airdyne bike which provides resistance for the upper and lower body.

If you use a stationary bike, you’ll have to use a moderate resistance. You could add some band pull-aparts but it likely won’t make or break the program.

I’d look into high pulls instead or a muscle snatch, info about both can be found on T-nation

Hi coach,

Quick note to say thank you for your detailed responses. All understood and will get on it tomorrow.

Will use the bike instead of running until lockdown lifted then will get outside for runs.

Thanks again,