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Questions Regarding Weights for FSL and 5s PRO?

Hey, been lifting for a little while and decided to start using some of Wendler’s programs. After reading through Beyond 5/3/1, I’m left with a few questions on how to program things… I understand my training max and how to calculate various percentages and plug them in, but which numbers to plug in are not always clear to me.

Example: Full Body 12, Page 151…

Monday - …, Squat - 10x5, FSL, …, Press - 5x5, FSL, …
Wednesday - …, Deadlift - 5/3/1, 5’s PRO, …
Friday - …, Squat - 1x20, FSL, …

I have read through the FSL portion of the book, but I don’t understand which weights I would be using for these particular movements (FSL, 5’s PRO). Does the FSL mean I would be using the same weight as if I was programming the first set of 5/3/1? And does 5’s PRO mean the first set of deadlifts progress?

Week 1 is 65/75/85%

That means you do each percentage for 5 reps (5’s pro)
and FSL means you do 65% for 5x5 afterwards

Same for weeks 2/3 but with different percents

Thanks for taking the time to respond, the FSL stuff just clicked. Big moment of sudden realization, lol. Still not 100% sure I understand the 5/3/1, 5’s PRO notation for deadlift though.

What is the difference between standard 5/3/1/ programming vs 5/3/1 5’s pro?

standard is AMRAP on the last set, 5’s pro is just 5 reps and if you can’t do 5 the training max is too high.

Standard week 1-3

5/5/5+ 65/75/85
3/3/3+ 70/80/90
5/3/1+ 75/85/95

5’s Pro

Thanks both of you, this makes sense to me now.

First Set Last means using the weight % of the first work set of your program, whatever it is.
I.e. in the original 5/3/1 sets, week 1, you have work sets of 65%/75%/85%, so FSL work is done at 65%.
Other programs may call for different % and schemes, the one I was running had all weeks at 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%, so all the FSL work was done at 70%.