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Questions Regarding Upcoming Cycle


Hello, I'll preface this thread with: this is my first post an, if I'm out of line on anything, please let me know and I apologize in advance.

Ok, now that that's out, I'll get to my thread.

I'm preparing to construct a 10 week cycle, with emphasis on strength gains. At the end of the 10 weeks, I'll be competing in a full power, raw PL meet. My current stats are: 28 y/o, BW: 215, BF: 12%, training for 6 years, #'s are 590, 405, 570, respectively. I have done 3 cycles before: 2 test only and 1 test c/tren a, with great results from both. Training and diet are on point.

What I have thus far is as follows:
W 1-10: 500 mgs tren c, injecting 250 twice weekly (Monday, Thursday)
W 1-4: Dbol, 30 mgs ED, pre workout
W 5-10: Tren A, 100 mgs EOD
W 11-12: off
W 13-14 Nolva, standard dosage

I was not planning on adding an AI or hcg, primarily because I don't know how they'd fit in with the standard cycle length. Any advice/recommendations or criticism is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Upon more research, (reading that awesome ‘newbie’ thread) I will keep the above cycle, but add in:

W 1-10: Adex, .25 mg EOD
W 3-10: HCG, 250 iu E4D


Good choice on adding in the AI

I think theres a typo in original post, tren c instead of test c. unless you plan on running two trens with no test lol

I never understood the reasoning behind running HCG during a cycle, especially while using a 19nor. Makes more sense to me to use it for a few weeks at the end of cycle unless you start to experience testicular atrophy. HCG as part of a pre-pct seems more logical.


Oops. Yes, typo; should say *test c. Thanks for looking it over. I will take your advice on hcg and continue to research that.

I did have another question regarding weight control. My current weight is 208, I plan to compete at 198. I’ll be doing my normal water load/cut the week prior to make weight (something I’ve done before and have down very well), how do you think these compounds well affect that? I front loaded the dbol instead of keeping it for mid-cycle, thinking the water weight should be pretty well off by the time the meet rolls around, then the test and tren should be easy to control as well.

Any critique on that, or sound about right? Thanks again for your input.


As far as running an oral… if you’re going to run one, you might want to run it up into the meet instead of as a kick start. You could always kickstart with Dbol and end the cycle with something like Halo that would help @ the meet.


The reason I decided to throw orals in there, is because I’m yet to experiment with them. I decided on Dbol simply because that’s what I knew the most about.

But, in terms of maximum peak strength at the end of week 10, what if I reconfigured and went with something like:

W 1-10: Test C, 500 mg
W 1-6: tren a, 100mg EOD
W 7-10: Halo, 20mg pre workout

(AI, hcg and PCT protocol remains the same)

Thoughts on which one of those protocols would yield the best results? Again, I’m appreciating your feedback!