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Questions Regarding TRT/ Secondary Hypogonadism


Hello guys

going to try to keep my story as short as possible while looking for your suggestions.

I am a 31 year old male that pretty much has secondary hypogonadism, I believe doing a anavar only cycle in my early twenties is the reason why I have this condition. I never had sexual issues until after doing this cycle and my balls have been a lot smaller since. I went to a family doctor whom did a blood work on me (He didn't test everything that was needed to help reach a solution to my issues). Here are the results of that, I was 21 at the time.. (I'm unfortunately missing a lot of information)

Testosterone-M 585 ng/dl Normal is 20-49 years old, 286-1511
WBC 6.7 K/uL Average 4.8-10.3
LYM 2.9 K/uL 1.2-3.4
EOS o.1
MON 0.6 K/uL 0.1-0.6
BASO 0.1
NEU 3.1 K/uL 1.4-6.5
LYM 42.6 % 20.5-51.5
EOS 3.1 %
MON 8.9 % 1.7-9.3
BASO 0.8 %
NEU 46.1 % 42.0-52.0
RBC 5.0 M/uL 4.7-6.1
HGB 15.9 g/dL 14.0-18.0
HCT 47.6 % 42.0-52.0
MCV 96.0 fL 80-97
MCH 32.1 pg HIGH 27.0-31.0
MCHC 33.4 g/dL 33.0-37.0
RDW 11.8 % 11.5-14.5
PLT 220.0 K/uL 130.0-400
MPV 8.6 fL 7.4-10.4

CHOLESTEROL 200 mg/dL 0.00-200
TSH 1.87 mIU/L o.40-6.00
GLUCOMETER 79.00 MG/DL 70.0-110.00

Because my test levels were in the normal range, doctor refused to offer any form of therapy. Now some by looking at that will assume my concerns are a placebo affect, but these are the symptoms I have for a long while now.

  1. My balls for the first few years shrunk and fluctuate during the day to different sizes (still smaller then what they once were). When I ejaculate my balls literally disappear for a few minutes. Also if I have to do the restroom (#2) my balls will shrivel away until after I have gone to the restroom.

  2. No morning wood, I rarely have morning wood, I may have it once every 2 to 3 months, obviously when I was younger had nearly everyday.

  3. Weak erections that cant be maintained, poor orgasms, and lack of drive.

  4. Very emotional! I feel like a women on PMS, I cry at movies, tv shows, etc, get moody over the littlest things.

  5. Memory Fog, I will say something then forget it a minute later, same for writing things, if I go somewhere I will forget why I even went at times.

  6. No facial or body hair (all though I assume this is just genetic)

These are just some of the things I can go on. I did my research and tried proper PCT clomid only but it had no effect, since I was poor I wouldn't get blood work done to see if I was improving. Also supplemented with Vitamin D-3, zinc, etc.

I dont have insurance but I have enough money to get some proper labs done that should run me around 300$ Ideally I would like to start a htpa restart before jumping the gun with trt. I have a muscular build, I feel like my body maybe is converting to much estrogen. Obviously blood work is needed. I have found an anti aging clinic in my area that I plan on visiting next week

Any ideas on what could help me in this situation?


Check body temps as per the thyroid basics sticky, fast and no cost. TSH is too high, should be near 1.0; your doc will not understand. If you are not using iodized salt, that is probably the cause.

fT3, fT4
In USA? Get labs on-line, less cost. LEF.COM has labs. Cheaper with membership and get male panel.

Search here for "HPTA restart"
Read the advice for new guys sticky. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Clomid: How long did you give that to work? If you use a SERM [clomid | nolvadex] and LH does not increase then something is broken in your hypothalamus-pituitary. If LH increases and T does not, your testes are not working. But after a long time, it takes time for tissues to recover form and function.

OK Labs, But Need Guidance