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Questions regarding soy

I’ve just read Cy Willson’s article “The Evils of Soy”. I was hoping someone could answer a few questions for me. First, what was the amount of soy consumed in the studies quoted? Secondly, is Cy referring specifically to the powder or to the whole soybean as well?
This comes as a complete shock to me. Anything I’ve seen or read about lately raves about the health benefits of soy often citing as evidence the overall health of Asian populations (specifically Japan: high life expectancy, low rates of various cancers and heart disease) in correlation to their high consumption of soy products.
Who do you believe?

Soy’s a big industry with lots of economic interests. That’s all I’ll say about that. I feel that soy is a huge health hazard, and I don’t think that you can correlate low rates of various cancers and heart disease in Japan to soy consumption. The life of an average Japanese individual is fairly different from that of an American or European. There are lots of earthquakes in Japan. Maybe that has to do with their low rates of cancer and heart disease.