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Questions Regarding First Cycle


Thinking about starting my first cycle, I want to do it right and was just looking for some advice on a few things.

Here's a little background on me. Currently Im 31, 6ft and 200 lbs. Ive been working out steadily since I was 27. The first few years was a real learning experience for me (dieting, workout routines, recover from a surgery). I started off at 260 lbs with almost no muscle. Got down to 175 lean but that was just too skinny. so worked my way up to 200 lbs.

Anyway heres what Im thinking for my first cycle. Anything worth noting?

Wks 1-10: 500mg Test-E a/wk
Wks 1-10: 50-60mg Anavar/day
Wks 13: 20mg nova 2x/d
Wks 14-16 nova 20mg/day

Ive read that getting blood work is important and so I want to get blood work done before, during and after. I have gone to the privatemeds lab site and picked the "female hormone panel" but cant see where to pick gender after, not sure where it is. I see that there is a "hormone panel for males" that costs $172.49 which honestly I wouldn't be against getting if need be. Also when I get the test I would have no idea what numbers are important and what they would even mean. Could I come back here and post the results that are important and get some feedback on them? Sorry for the long post.

Thanks for your time.


Use an AI on cycle not Nolva. Pct should be 4-6 weeks with Nolva. Start pct 2 weeks after last pin of test.

50-60mg of var is pretty low. I wouldnt go any less than 80mg a day.

With the female hormone panel you select your gender after you buy it when you are putting in your info to print out and go to labcorp


Ill make adjustments accordingly, thanks for the feedback.


So I got my test results back and my testosterone levels are 252. That is WAY lower than I was ever expecting, actually caught me off guard. Just trying to figure out what my next course of action should be.