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Questions Regarding Adding HCG with my TRT


TRT has changed my life more so than I thought it would, so maybe I am being greedy but I have some questions.

I started TRT In DEC 2010 due to symptoms.. too much sleeping, unable lose weight etc.
My T level was 210.

I am 43 yo, 6'2, was 286 lbs now down to 246lbs, while increasing lean muscle mass. I am taking 200 mg Testosterone cypionate IM 1 x week, (clinic will not split dosage), and 1.0 mg Arimidex divided dose, 1/2 on Test shot day, then other half 3 days later.
Never done any type steroids prior & have extensive weight training background,and have a very good nutritional program.

I work nites, 12 hour shift,3 days in a row 7p to 7 am and get around 6 hours sleep on those days.
I take my shot the afternoon after my last work day upon waking up.

3 days after Test shot:

Estradiol 28 / 0-39.8 pg/ml range
Free test 198 /47-244 pg/ml range
% free test 2.9 / 1.6-2.9% range
Total test 676
shbg 18

Bloodwork drawn before shot taken/ Testosterone shot day

Estradiol was 16/ 0-39.8 pg/ml range
Free test 215 /47-244 pg/ml
% free test 2.7 / 1.6-2.9%
total test 799
shbg 24

Up until maybe the last 2-3 months, I had at least 1 day during the month which I would describe as a "Superman" day. I would wake up ready to get out of bed. I could feel power radiating in my body in every step I took and was incredably focused. In the gym, I performed like superman throwing heavy weights around explosively.

My first question is, am I just chasing the dragon now? Have I just reached my steady state? Has anyone else experienced this phenomenom? Does it come back?

2) Adding HCG- I have not used it as of yet. I have had no testicular shrinkage & was wondering if this will get back those superman days and even out my T- levels during the week. I know I will have to take this at some point. I am getting lean right now will this help me to get even leaner or add some water weight? I am a little worried about increasing my estrogen levels by taking this. I would rather wait until Sept to start if this will not help me get leaner.

3) The shot dose offered at my clinic is 500iu, should I take 500iu or just try 250iu? (they may let me split dosage).

4). Should I take the Hcg on the third day when my Test levels drop? Or what other day would you suggest?

As of now, the only side effects I have had was acne or oily skin late at nite. I am not really tired, other than recovering from working nites which I sleep additional hours on my first day off.

The clinic where I recieve my shot will not split dosages nor are they exactly thrilled over some of my suggestions for alternate dosings (per their own protocals). Despite info I have argued for on my own behalf. I explained yes I feel good, but why settle for good when I can possibly feel great,(and have even better training results).

I am not trying to become a champion bodybuilder. I am trying to be the best ME that I can be, I want to be lean, muscular, and in great conditioned cardiovascular shape. I want to have my cake and eat it too.

MY blood test are great will have them retested in August.

Thanks for all the education that this board has provided.


I’m all about adding hCG. I know that I personally feel better when I use it (I’ve tried both ways).


I know I will have to use it, ( don’t have a problem with that part), but when do you take it? same day as test or wait and take by itself… I have seen different protocals… I know you just have to see what works for you…Did you see any additional increases in lean body mass ? (aside from gains on T).
Any answers for my original questions by board members is greatly appreciated.


[quote]ironwill68 wrote:
I know I will have to use it, ( don’t have a problem with that part), but when do you take it? same day as test or wait and take by itself… I have seen different protocals… I know you just have to see what works for you.[/quote]

Dr. Crisler recommends that those on a once a week T injection plan to take 250 iu twice a week–first dose 5 days after injection, second dose 6 days after injection (or 1 and 2 days before your injection, if you prefer to look at it that way.

This is to compensate for the drop off of the T-ester towards the end of its half life (~1 week).

You can read his publications here. Check out “HCG Update”



Thanks I have read his stuff before, (clinic not thrilled with formating my program more toward Crisler’s program), must have missed his stuff for 1x week injectors like me… Thanks much appreciated


I inject T on Monday and Thursday evening, and take my hCG on Tues/Thurs/Sat. 250iu each time for hCG. I haven’t really noticed any difference in LBM - I’ve only been on a “dialed-in” protocol for about 6 months now. Before, I was dicking around with a couple different docs who had me all over the place, neither with hCG. I can attest that the hCG way at least for me is better - I feel much better overall.


Plan on starting HCG in Sept, my training regimen will change then. I feel good right now, I really don’t have a whole lot to complain about with the results I have recieved and the way I feel. But, I am trying to maximize my benefits. Hopefully in the future, I can find a place that will give me more than 1 x a week dose of T. I feel that will definately be more beneficial as I age.


Get the prescription and dose at home.