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Questions on your 2A Programming Recommendation

I have a question about a picture you posted.

Let’s say I’m doing B1 Squat.

  • C1 I would choose to strengthen a weakness. In my case for the squat that would be my quads.
    BUT, B2 says it should support C1 and be antagonistic to B1.

  • How could a movement that supports the squat, and targets the quads be antagonistic to the B1 squat? Maybe it should be the core instead? But then it negates the desire to hit the quads.

  • Can you please give an explanation so that I may apply this for the squat as well as the other movements.

  • Additionally, are you willing to disclose information for D1 and D2?

I could see how that could be done for the bench (hitting the delts, triceps or lats), and the press (hitting the triceps or delts directly). But I am struggling to understand the other patterns and how this principle translates.

Any advice or direction would be most helpful.

Don’t over-complicate things. If your weakness in the squat are the quads, then use a quads-dominant exercise as C1 (Frankenstein squat, hack squat for example). In that case C2 would be a movement targeting the posterior chain.

If your main weakness is the posterior chain then C1 would become a posterior chain exercise (e.g. Romanian deadlift, goodmorning, etc.) and C2 would either be a quads or core exercise.

D1 & D2 are isolation or lower stress exercises, involved in the main lift, ideally antagonist muscles. For example glute-ham raise (or back extension) and a core exercise… or cable pull-through and led backward drag

where’s this from? these 2a recommendations? great training template…fits perfectly in a push/pull/legs rotation!

It is from my online neurotyping certification. I posted that picture on the forum a while ago.

@Sigil, fellow 2A, how come this confused me? I’m embarrassed to say that…
What have you come up with so far?? Care to share?

Thanks for the response. Reading the explanation in that way cleared it up. Yeah, I really was reading more into it than I would have thought.


  • I wish to know if I interpreted your template correctly.
  • If I did then I can use the template for a very long time while changing the variables (2A= everything works, but not for a long time)


A1. Box Jumps 3x5
A2. Leg Extension 4x6 (low intensity, super-slow reps)

B1. Squat 4x6 clusters
B2. Good Mornings 4x8 (low intensity, slow eccentric)

C1. RDL 4x6/3 RP
C2. Zercher Squats 4x5 (low intensity, slow eccentric)

D1. DB Split Squat 4x 6/6/6 DS
D2. Ab Rollout 4x10


A1. Plyo Push-Ups 3x5
A2. DB Bench 4x6 (super-slow reps, constant tension)

B1. Bench 4x6 clusters
B2. Pushdown 4x8

C1. Weighted Dips 7/5/3 Waves
C2. Laterals (super-slow reps, constant tension)

D1. DB OHP 4x 6/6/6 DS
D2. Lat Pulldown 4x8

RACK PULLS (few inches below the knees) (“squat stance”)

A1. KB Swing 3x8
A2. Back Extension 4x6 (body weight, super-slow reps)

B1. Rack Pulls 4x6 clusters
B2. Hanging Leg Raise 4x8

C1. Heavy Carries 8x 15 sec bouts
C2. Rope Upright Row 8x3 (super-slow reps)

D1. Shrugs 4x 6/6/6 DS
D2. Preacher Curls 4x 6/6/6 DS


A1. Muscle Snatch 3x5
A2. DB OHP 4x6 (low intensity, super-slow reps)

B1. Push Press 4x6 clusters
B2. Pushdown 4x8 (low intensity, slow eccentric)

C1. Weighted Dips 7/5/3 Waves
C2. Ab Rollouts 4x10

D1. Hanging Leg Raise 4x8
D2. OHP Press Machine 4x 6/6/6 DS


A1. SGHP 5x3
A2. Single Arm Row 4x5 (super-slow, constant tension)

B1. Pendlay Rows 4x6 clusters
B2. Bent-Over Lateral 4x8

C1. CS DB Rows 4x 6/6/6 DS
C2. Incline Curl/Hammer Curl 4x10/AMRAP (superset)

D. BB Curls 4x6/4 RP

E. Prone Incline Concentration Curls 2x20

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Hey man, I’m wondering how this workout plan did for you?
im a 2a as well

If you can recover well and make sure it’s a priority. Yeah, its a good one. But like a true 2A I did it for a few weeks. How well it worked I don’t know. For me that’s a difficult question because I train for strength 80% of the time. I assess if something works if it increases my lifts. This will not do that if you are intermediate and up I reckon. But I do this type of training while on a slight cut and it helps keep me somewhat strong while rounding my look as well as increasing work capacity.

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