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Questions on Whey Protein and Celery


Well, I started the V-Diet 3 days ago (although since I changed the supplements I suppose I can't actually call it that in truth) and had a few questions.

First off, although it was advised against, I am using a whey protein in place of the Metabolic Drive. Unfortunately, my budget just can't let me fit the Metabolic Drive in. It's roughly double the price of the whey.

While I know that this is not ideal for the diet, will it hold any major health concerns? It seemed like the sticky focused mainly on the fact that it does not taste as good and is not as filling. So far, today's the only day I've been hungry and that's most likely due to the fact that the shakes I brought to school didn't have flax in them. Whenever I've had a flax shake (which will be always after today's mistake), I'm pretty full and really don't get that many cravings. So health is the only thing I'm concerned about, are there malnourishment risks to using Whey?

Next, I was wondering if having some celery would throw off the diet at all. I don't get taste cravings so much, but I'd really like to get a crunch every once in a while.

I'm pretty new at all this nutrition stuff, so that's why I'm doing the diet for it's simplicity. I'm hoping that once I finish this diet and lose some weight quick, I'll have the motivation to continue on a more normal, healthy food plan.

Thanks for any help.


If you're new to all this nutrition stuff, you probably don't need the V-Diet. And you aren't doing the V-Diet if you use whey... it won't work. If you can prove us wrong and go a month using only whey, more power to you. No one will want to give you help if you ask about the V-Diet and then don't do the actual diet


Yes, I acknowledged that it's technically not the V-Diet with Whey only, but I figure most people will know what I'm talking about rather than me typing out everything I'm doing.

I'm really just curious whether or not using only whey protein will give me cause for health concerns.


Whey won't work as it's not anticatabolic. Switch to Metabolic Drive. Cut and paste this in the V-Diet forum.