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Questions on Westside Training

i guess i will post questions as they arise.

  1. i see 2 me and 2 de days, no repetition work?
  2. it uses a lot of different lifts for me, a lot that includes chains and bands. what do i do without them?
  3. how long can i do this before i overtrain?
  1. Repetion work may be don instead of de days, for a beginner repetition effort will probebly be more effective then de days.
  2. buy them, you can make you’re chains yourself, u can order bands, but when you’re a beginner you don’t really need them yet
  3. very long because you rotate your heavy lifts max every 3 weeks, when you’re not feeling good just deload.

All supplemental and assistance work is RE.

Many people have dropped DE Bench for RE Bench, especially if training unequipped.

As it has already been said. Everything, but the main movement is repetition work.

You do not need band or chains to start out. In fact, strait weight is probable a better way to go for the first couple of week. The bands are pretty cheap, so if you want them then just by them.

Lots of people use the repetition effort method instead of the dynamic effort method. Instead of speed squat or bench they do something like 4-5 sets of 8-10 reps. This seems to work better for most “beginners”. If you opt to do it this way then I recommend rotating the main movement about every 3-4 weeks.

As long as you are rotating your movements(main, supplemental and accessory) you should be able to run this indefinitely. However, finding the right balance between volume and intensity is tricky. It might take some experimenting to figure it out.

if i want to add some mass (173lbs atm needing to get to 181 class with less fat currently 16%) for powerlifting, i should put this off for later huh? my strength foundation may not be good enough to make gains too. the squat is a little over 2x and dl is a little higher than that, but bench is measily bw+40lb.

My advice to you is to not worry about weight classes until it matters… i.e you have a chance to win at a “big meet” or total elite. I was about that weight when I started implementing a westside template a little over a year ago. I started out with a 370lb Squat 240lb bench and 430 DL. At the time I thought that I was going to stay in the 181’s.

It’s a year later and I am about 195lb now and not any fatter than I was at 175 abet I am not any leaner either(I like my beer) and my lift are much better SQ 450/gym 435/meet, Bench 300/gym 285/meet, DL 540/both. Morals of story…don’t get fixated on staying in one weight class, you will get bigger as you get stronger they are not as separable as you are making them sound.


I asked similar questions in here, and the links given to me were IMMENSELY helpful! Just throwing it out there for ya.