Questions on Upcoming Blast

Hi all, its been since about this time last year I posted but have a couple questions. Background info on me.

Started TRT at 42 then my first cycle shortly after. Here are my stats as of right now


I have been blasting and Cruising since my first cycle. Here is my upcoming cycle

600/wk Tren E
300/wk Test C
700/wk EQ
200/wk Pheynl

This is my 4th Tren cycle and had really good results on all but one. Sides hit me hard and aggression was bad but I also dosed Test higher than that other 2.


  1. Test to Tren Ratio? Most seem to say 2:1 and I think I agree the one time I went equal turned out bad but looking for those who have experience here and tried different doses.

  2. My last bulk cycle over last summer/fall was first Phenyl cycle and had amzing results but more importantly joints felt amazing. I have had 2 surgeries on each shoulder and during this cycle was the best they felt. This upcoming cycle I want to use Phenyl just for that reason so how is my dosage there? Enough to get the joint benefits out of it?

  3. Only using EQ because I have quite abit, last cycle I didnt feel it did much at all. Any dosage advice to get solid benefits?


Are you competing?

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Was going to ask this exact same thing @iron_yuppie , otherwise that cycle is beyond extreme (in general, but esp for a 44 y/o… seriously, at that age you should be worried about preserving cardiac function… it’s around the age when the prospect of cardiovascular disease… gear or not becomes a very real reality)… cycles like this will cause rapid deterioration in you’re 40s, as a younger man (20s, you MIGHT be able to get away with a few cycles of this caliber)

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No sir, not competing.

No health issues either or cadiac problems. I am in good health. I really didnt feel like it was that extreme to be honest. I can cut out the Phenyl and EQ.

I want to see what 6’6 288 lbs looks like. Post a pic please

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Yyou have helped me on about everyone of my Blasts @iron_yuppie over the last few years and I have always taken your advice so please dont hold back. I am not here because i think I know it all, quite the opposite. I have been in the gym since I was 14. Never used gear until 42. Getting old sucks and it becomes harder and harder to maintain the muscle I have always carried without gear. I really dont need the EQ and was only using phenyl for joint relief. This was just going to be a tren/test cut followed by a clen/t3 over the summer.

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also added the EQ for the nutritional benefits so I can reduce calories.

I have never heard of nutritional bennys from EQ. Like EQ sandwiches? Seriously tho, is there truth to that?

If EQ helps with protein synthesis, why not increase calories? I am honestly trying to understand.

protien synthesis and red blood counts allows it to transport nutrients throughout the body much more effectively therefore utilizes what calories you eat more effectively. Sorry, I could have been a little more detailed on that.

you can absolutely increase calories and I did that on my last EQ bulk cycle and added 25+ pounds but it also works for cutting in the you can reduce calories and with EQ enhancing protein synthesis you can cut back harder.

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Man that’s like 75% of what Shadowpro listed as what ifbb pros use, I’d say it’s extreme.

It’s just a lot of tren and you’re not young enough to take that risk. That’s where I land on it. I think test/nand/EQ can be a great stack. I also think swapping the nand for tren can work too, just not with that dose. Also, you’ve used tren four previous times, so at some point that ride has to come to an end. The question is can you get the results you want without it? If yes then let’s plan something more modest. If you don’t think you can achieve your goals without the tren then you’re a grown man who has experience with it and knows his limits. But at least consider lowering the dose. You would be better at test/tren/EQ at something like 300/300/600.

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ok I see, so I ran Tren A the first blast at aroung 100 EOD then moved to 400/wk last 3 cycles of it with the last one having test at 400. I will reduce Tren to 400 and should I just take Nand out? Like I said I only have it it there for the joint relief. Only ever used it once with great results. Ok done, I will go with what you suggested and roll back tren E to 400/wk and up test to 400 and stick with EQ and take out Nand. appreciate the feedback.

got it, not sure why I was bumping it up to 600 other than trying to push the limit and getting more out of it but everyone is correct I am not competing and it just isnt worth it.

He’s saying eliminate the tren if you’re using deca, not keep tren and add nandrolone

What you’re doing isn’t particularly safe at you’re age (and even for a younger guy, you’re lookig at almost 2 grams of gear per week)… how can you not think that’s a bit extreme

That being said given you’re stats you’re obviously a beast of a man who has obviously earned the right to be within this territory… just be careful, the risks are far more prevalent compared to what you may think

Got it, Its something you just start and gradually increase as you go without really thinking about it. Human nature is always a little bit more a little bit stronger a little bit bigger. Trust me that shit doesnt go away with age. The spirit is always willing the body not so much. I get it, I will adjust. thanks for the input.