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Questions On Training Theory?


So, im starting my second cycle of my "new" program that im doing. Its basically a mixture of 5x5 and HFT, but im trying to keep things really simple. I consider myself to have quite a bit of training knowledge, and am a Kinesiology student nearing graduation, but my school doesnt teach much about strength and conditioning, so theres a few concepts i have questions on.

I know most of this is just theory, and different things work for different people, but i'd like ot hear what you guys think.

My current program is pretty much 3 weeks of loading, followed by a week of deloading. Also, i do full body everyworkout, but alternate between two different sets of exercises. And I usually stick to around 5 sets of 5.

I'll number the questions, and please answer any that you can.

  1. If im doing 5 sets, i usually increaes the weight each set. When do i want the weight to peak? On the last set, or before that?

  2. If I have three strength sessions a week, would it be a good idea, to do one session a week, with less volume, but greater intensity? Either less sets and more weight, or go to 5 sets of 3?

  3. Since im training full body, and am an "intermediate" lifter, should i strive to increase all my lifts each cycle, or just focus on 1-3 of the main ones, IE: Deadlift, Bench, and squat?

  4. In regards to #3 wont focusing on just one or two lifts allow for greater gains in those lifts, which may carry over to other lifts that werent increased?


All all of these really are variable and depend on goals etc as well here is more then one way to skin a cat.

Like the max load. yes great idea to have it last, but also good to hit it on say set three a true max and then a few sets after at 90% or so. Both can be very good and others.

Sorry but just to many variables and each can be answered with varied choices and opinions on what works for each individaul and personal goal



IMO I would use the TBT set-rep scheme. It changes it up and even though the program is set up for max hypertrophy Im sure that strength would come as well.


Ive thought about it a lot, and am thinking of changing to a wave loading rep scheme.

I might try something like

3,5,7,9 or 3,3,3,5,5 I gotta read up more on wave loading.

Im also thinking of having one of my three sessions during the week be a more intense but less volume sessions, to try to really increase strength.

Lastly, I think i'll keep focusing on all lifts, but after my three weeks is up, i'll decrease all lifts a bit, and focus just on 1-2 lifts that are lagging for a week or two, before starting over.

Thanks for your input guys.


So i read up on wave loading and stuff, and am still a bit undecided

Im debating between these rep schemes:






Any input guys?


I dont have enough time with such a thing. This is something Id hit up Jack Reape about as he seems to use it with success a LOT, I think he even wrote an article on it