Questions on the Cheat to Lose Diet

Hi All, as a brief background, I’m 45 and I have a goal of mostly just losing fat while keeping what muscle I have. I do 20 min interval type cardio 4x week, and as far as resistance goes, basically work the main body parts on my floor at home such as push-ups, weightless squats, work my hamstrings with the heels-on-the-exercise-ball thingy, and that’s about it.

As far as the main question goes,
1.) I notice that in his book, Joel uses egg whites in his low-carb day meal recipes. I’m thinking that you should use the whole egg, if you’re already cutting calories by cutting the carbs (?).
So what I’m doing on low carb days is ignoring that and eating a 2-whole egg omeltte or 2 eggs with bacon or sausage.
He also stresses very low cal salad dressing. Again, I thought the main purpose is to cycle the carbs and not worry about amt of fat/calories so much. ( I still eat a relatively small amt of food, and eat healthy, no processed foods.)

2.) Anyone know what “New Potatoes” are ? He refers to this in his book, in the recipe section?


Those are new potatoes, for what it is worth.

I would say that eating the whole eggs on low-carb days is fine and makes sense, as you are substituting fat calories in for the carbohydrate calories, all the while maintaining the caloric deficit.

With regard to salad dressing, most use crappy soybean oil, which is a horribly inferior source of fat. A good idea would be to use real olive oil and balsamic vinegar as salad dressings, in order that you get some nutritional benefits out of it.

Okay, got it, thanks for the image - those look pretty good… damn I want some now.

As the oil and vinegar combo… thanks, that’s a good idea, keep it clean and pure

Appreciate the feedback