Questions on Testosterone, HGH, DHEA etc

Hello everyone. Need some input and feedback from those smarter than me that have done this. I am late 50’s, very active and want to start putting muscle back on and get my energy back where I need it, 6 ft, 200 lbs, i am a full time developer here in Costa Rica, so the job needs “young mans energy”.

I am going for my 1st blood work (onsite lab, quick results) and then (assuming warranted) start my “1st” Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy at an anti aging clinic here in Costa Rica, that does the pellets injected below the skin, good for 3 months, then repeat.

Though I have read up on this, I see information (all relating to BHRT) talking about Testosterone, DHEA, HGH.

So if anyone has any links of good information of what to look for, what to take or not take, how those things work together, etc, please PM me of comment with the info and link.

Do not go near pellets, nobody even considers it here. The problem with pellets is you can’t optimise the dose for several months so if dose is too high and there’s nothing you can do about it until pellets dissolve leaving you with side effects that could last many months.

You will also be higher in the beginning and lower towards the end of where the pellets start dissolving, we mitigate this by injecting testosterone multiple times a week to keep levels stable and consistent, we feel consistently better everyday. How do you find out how many injection per week you will require, by measuring SHBG levels.

T pellets are a bad idea, T levels get high then slide slowly over months. Most guys need anastrozole to manage E2 at an optimal level. Anastrozole is competitive with T at aromatase enzyme reaction sites where FT–>E2 takes place. A proper match of anastrozole dose, refined by lab work, to match T levels is impossible if T levels are changing. Pellets are a surgical procedure.

Self-injected T is least cost and 100% absorbed and can be injected twice a week with insulin syringes to get the needed steady T levels.

BHRT is a sales job. Injected T is a T ester which makes it oil soluble. As the oil is slowly absorbed, the ester groups are removed and you get testosterone. So injected T is a time release bio-identical T delivery system.

You will also need anastrozole as noted above.
And 250iu hCG subq EOD to preserve your testes so they do not get small and achy.

hGH is expensive, but T+hGH works very well.
Check that IGF-1 is low before hand, IGF-1 is your GH status.

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Your energy and vitality are largely controlled by thyroid, there is more than T to consider. See “oral body temperatures” below, post temperatures and discuss your iodized salt history.