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Questions on Supplements?


Hello Every one I am new to T-nations and I just recently started lifting. I currently want to take some supplements that will help me become stronger within the next few months and wont hurt my growing or isnt unhealthy for me (since im 16 at the moment). I started lifting about 6 months ago and just have bien to get stronger for football. I went from 195 to 245 in the last 6 months.
here are some of my stats.
Height: 6'0''
Wheight: Now 215
bench: 245
Squat: 395
Cleans: 235

I was wondering if there are any suppluments or combination of supplements that will help me be around bench: 285-300
squat: 440-up
cleanL: 255-and up

I really dont know much about suplements and am sure people here do so please help me out.


Hard work.

Other than that, maybe some whey.


I agree get your diet training and recovery nailed FIRST after that KISS as far as supplements
Keep it Simple Stupid

id say food supps like protein Metabolic Drive and Surge for peri workout.

a Fish oil for general health and you could use creatine as well

thats about it IMO and AFTER you get the other in line



To the best of my knowledge, I know of no legal supplement that will increase lifts by 40 over pounds on their own.

You may want to focus on the training aspect instead.


yeah OP when did you hear of a supplement that lifted up your maxes without you doing anything? fill me in b/c i thought it takes hard work to do that....guess not...


I have never heard of anyone squatting almost 400 lbs after 6 months of lifting.


You left out milk...It's squats and milk, they go together like deadlifts and meat. (?)

To the OP,

Don't worry about the supplements yet. Lift hard, eat right, get plenty of recovery. Supplements are the icing on the cake. If you don't have a cake yet, you don't need any frosting.


No of course i will lift, sorry if i gave the idea of taking supplents woth out lifting, i meant any supplements i can add to my lifting.

And when i started out i was wheighing about 200 lbs and have gained about 15 lbs in 6 months, and for that guy who said theres no way i can be squatting neerly 400 lbs i really can, when i started 6 months ago i was at 355. But to my understand i shouldnt take any supplements at all?


I gotta see a vid of this squat. Your doing the free weight down to a least parallel right??



HS Football parallel and PL parallel aren't necessarily the same. 400 does seem a bit high, so I'm all for seeing a video, if the OP has one.

As far as supplements go...No I don't think you need anything at your age IF your diet is in check. Maybe some quality protein powder or a PWO drink to make life simpler, but no, I don't think you need to worry about a test boosting supplement, or something preworkout to get you fired up, or anything else at this stage.


Thanks, so i think im going to stick with just whey protein and stick with a good diet, which im going to do by doing some reasearch.

As for my squat, our maxs' arent recorded unless we do parellel squats and go down 90 degrees so that our quads are parellel to the ground. my coaches say my one big problem when doing squats os i bend a little too far forward * so im using a little bit of my back), but ill try to see if i can get some one to video tape me while i squat and try to past it. But thanks to every one thats helped me with my current situation.


If you really can squat 395 that's awesome. I just can't grasp the fact that you started out this strong. Take it as a compliment if you are telling the truth!


post a vid, then you'll get mad props from people here.


I think ill go out this weekend and get a digital camera, and ill max out next monday and post it, just out of curiosity to post a video i have to do it through you tube right?


6 months is probably a under exageration, probably been lifting for year or so + with sports team.


If you want to get technical yes iv bien lifting for about a year and a half but never consistently and never nothin extreem. Id get sore and not lift for a week. It was only about 6 months or so (late september) that i started getting serious about, as in keeping a workout plan and sticking with it lifting 5 days a week etc.