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Questions on Size, CNS, Mtor, and Health

My questions are:

  1. Is doing 1 mTor set per muscle per week (like in best damn) enough to have negative effects on health?

  2. If failure is one of the best triggers for hypertrophy like a previous article I read showing 30% max and 80% max gave equal growth as long as you reach failure… Then are slow eccentrics really needed if failure is what triggers growth?

  3. I know mtor is stimulated with slow eccentrics and weighted stretches, so does training to failure also stimulate Mtor?

  4. Does training 6 days a week like best damn burn out the cns?

Thank you

Not even close. Furthermore, recent research have shown that muscle mTor might not have an impact on other systems in the body

Failure is one trigger. But other elements can have a positive impact on protein synthesis. Just because one thing is “the best” doesn’t mean that you wont get better results if you also use other methods on top of it.

That having been said, some neurotypes don’t do well on slow eccentrics (1B mostly)

Every type of resistance training triggers mTor to some extent.

Not with the volume in the BDW… that’s why I say that volume and frequency are inversely related.

Exercise choice also plays a role. If you deadlifted and squatted heavy 6 days a week you have a better chance of causing CNS fatigue than if you done more “isolated/bodybuilding work” 6 days a week.

The load moved also plays a role in CNS demand… the more weight you are moving, the harder the CNS works.

Then there is the impact of the neurotype… for example Type 1A can handle daily, even twice-daily training and frequent heavy lifting BUT volume will CRASH their nervous system VERY fast and it doesn’t take much. Type 2B is the opposite: they can handle lots of volume if it is from lower stress exercises but heavy work will crash their CNS.

Thank you for your answers. Appreciate you sharing your knowledge and helping people on here. I’m on my second week of Best Damn 2 and really liking it.