Questions on Poliquin's Super Accumulation Program

Hey there,

To put it bluntly I decided to give this one a shot (we’ll see what happens but I’ll take this a a challenge! [to prevent posts like "baah you won’t do it, you’ll fail etc… {there were a lot like this in the article’s discussion lol}).

Well no issues concerning the program itself I understand it (I think :p). I however have some concerns nutrition wise.

For the loading phase I was going to stick to my usual mass diet (a few extra kcal above maintenance, while limiting carbs intake). I will start with this at least but if I see I’m craving due to the extra workouts I’ll increase those of course.

But concerning the rest phase, I 've got no clue on the quantities, I guess it should be a lot more. Let’s say I’m on a 3500kcal diet usually to gain weight. Those 5 days of rest I foresee them at at least 5000kcal while increasing carbs intake (still sticking to P+C meals in the morning and P+F in the eve mainly though).

Please let me know if you have any advice concerning those last two paragraphs (not to do this entirely wrong).
If you have tested this yourself, well could you tell me your results as well and commentary on the whole thing?

Ok, easier then, how do you guys manage a ‘rebound’ on the nutrition side? Frequency of meals and carbs/prot/fat ratios? I know it will be easy to screw up that part and either not eat enough or …

Well actually, if I increase food intake a lot, as long as it remains clean food I should have a farily decent margin before it gets dangerous (fat wise).

Have you done this program?

How were the results?