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Questions on PCT


So it's time to come off my first cycle. I was running 400 test and 300 EQ for 3 months and I got my Nolvadex ready; but I was considering running HCG to help kick start my test levels. My question is since it was such a light cycle should I even run HCG? Or should I just stick with Nolvadex? I plan to run another light cycle in 4 months but changing the drug to test with trend.


HCG is used while ON CYCLE, not during PCT. If you have 1-2 weeks, you can use HCG if you wish; not necessary though.

You'd be more than fine with just running Nolva (40/40/20/20) for 4 weeks; you could even taper it more if you wish.


Thank you, I already finished my Nolvadex 40 40 20 20. I don't seem to be back to normal levels though. I feel bloated and sex drive is not as strong like it was before I started my 12 week cycle of 400 sust and 300 EQ. It's it just normal for this to happen, even after a pct?


how long did you wait before starting your PCT? EQ takes a really long time to clear


^^My thoughts exactly. I'm using EQ right now and I didn't begin to feel anything until a few weeks in, it's really slow. With Enanthate I believe the convention is wait 2 weeks after last shot for pct. Eq might be hanging around for 3 maybe 4 weeks..

This is here hcg comes in handy as it will keep your boys chugging along and keeps you at a moderate to high test level compared to natural ranges imo. Less likely to feel all drag ass and even pretty good as the gear clears.


there's a lot of things that might have gone wrong...

  1. did you use an AI on cycle? if not, you might have had high estrogen levels at the end of the cycle, and they are incredibly suppressive to the HPTA (more so than high test levels)

  2. based off the timing of these psots, i presume Yogi and the other fellas were right, and you didn't wait to start PCT 'til the EQ and test cleared. is this correct?

  3. you ran a 3 month cycle. you ran a 1 month PCT. 4 weeks is simply not gonna get you back to normal.... IMO, one should run PCT 6-8 weeks if they expect to be back to normal.

  4. bloodwork can prolly pinpoint your problem easier than we can....