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Questions on New Legal PH - Boladrol


There is a new "PH" that has came out, it is really more of a designer steroid. It is legal at the moment.

It is called boladrol.

I have read a lot about it on other forums and people seem to be discussing it quite a bit.

I have read about some people taking guesses at the toxicity estimating it would be about as toxic as anadrol.

Since it is pretty new there isn't a lot of info on it yet though, and I have been trying to figure out more about it by looking at the formula.


Everything I have seen says that it is better than d-bol for strength gains, and has very little bloat.

They also said it takes about 3 weeks to start working, which I find odd for an oral.

I definitely am not planning on testing this stuff out just because it is legal, more or less just posting out of curiosity, and to see what other people think of it.


I hadn't heard of this steroid.. Are you sure it's legal? I thought the new bill covered any chemicals which were similar to banned chemicals, not just specific chemicals.

I don't know what it's based on, maybe it's bolasterone, which is dimethyltestosterone. The chemical names for bolasterone are 7,17a-Dimethyltestosterone. It's dimethyl instead of just one methyl. That's like methyltrienolone (oral tren) and dimethyltrienolone. Dimethyl nandrolone is cheque drops.

You can't really predict what it'll be like based on the chemical forumla. It has two methyl groups in the same places as dimethyltestosterone, one at 17 and one at 7. So it'll be stronger than the same compound with only one methyl group, and more liver toxic.

I can't tell what the androsten-3,17-diol part is. If there's a 17a-androsten-3,7-diol, that's what boladrol would be based on.


It is supposed to be effective at 4-8 mg per day, it is being sold as a new legal compound, however I am sure that when the FDA takes a look they will pull it.