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Questions on My Split


I am switching my split up! I have been doing this for a while:

All straight sets with the same weight:

monday-legs- (4 sets db split squat, 3 sets glute ham raises using lat pulldown seat, 3 sets leg extensions, 1 wall sit)

tuesday-chest, shoulders,biceps,abs-(3 sets db flat bench,3 sets db incline press, 3 sets db lateral raises strict form, 3 sets ez bar curl, 2-3 sets of db supinating db curls, 3 sets hanging leg raises, 3 sets crunches on the medicine ball holding a db to chest)


thursday-calves- (3 sets smith machine calf raises, 3 sets seated calf raises, 1 set jumping calf raises with barbell on back)

friday-back, triceps-(3 sets lat pulldowns, 3 sets incline chest supported db rows, 3 sets one arm db rows, 3 sets db straight leg deadlift, 3 sets overhead one arm db extensions, 3 sets v-bar cable pushdowns)

..So I am switching it up to this:

I stopped using straight sets and switched up some msucle pairings and exercies.
All exercises (except bodyweight like glute ham raises and pullups) are ramped up, meaning if it says 4 sets, for example, i start off low and the last set (or last two sometimes if I have extra) are the heaviest and hardest.
My reps range is about 5-6 reps per set, and the last set I try to get as many as I can until I can eventually get 8 reps of that weight, then I add weight and start from 3 or 4 and work back up again.

monday-arms,shoulders,calves- 4 sets ez bar curls, 3 sets db supinating curls, 3 sets db overhead extensions(triceps), 3 sets v bar cable pushdowns, 4 sets incline db raise with bent arms and looser form (this will be the everse pec deck rear delt machine when i switch gyms), 3 sets db raise bent arms and loose form, 4 sets smith machine calf raises, 3 sets seated calf raises, 1 set jumping barbell on back

tuesday-legs- 4-5 sets db split squats, 3 sets glute ham raises (using seated calf raises seat), 3 sets leg extensions, 1 wall sit.

wednesday-chest, forearms, abs- 4 sets db bench, 3 sets incline bench, 3 sets kpipe reverse grip ez bar curls, 3 sets db pinwheel curls, 3 sets hanging leg raises, 3 sets swiss ball crunches holding a db, 1 set bodyweight crunches as many as possible)

thursday-calves-4 sets smith machine calf raises, 3 sets seated calf raise, 1 set jumping barbell on back

friday-back- 4 sets lat pulldown (when i switch gyms this exercise will be pullups), 4 sets one arm db row, 3 sets incline bench chest supported rows, 4 sets one arm smith machine shrugs, 3 sets db striaght leg deadlift (knees bend slightly, I think its called romanian-i will switch to bb when i switch gyms)

So can you experienced guys critique this please?
I am mostly concerned about the following:

-shoulders, am I doing enough? I don't have an overhead pressing movement for fear I might overtrain my shoulders, but my shoulders are so small.

-legs- I don't do regular barbell squat but db split squats always kill my quads hams and glutes. when i get to the new gym should i try front squats?

-abs- everybody says squats and deadlifts, but will my straight leg deadlifts, hanging leg raises, and swiss ball crunches work them enough to get them bigger?

anything else you notice about my split? my goals are to bulk up. I am eating 3500 plus daily. I am tall and skinny long arms and legs.


Try reading the stickies and articles on this site. Thanks.


I have, if I didn't I wouldn't know any of the exercises or how to set up my split like I did. I just had a few questions which are at the bottom of my post about certain bodyparts.


if you're not doing overhead presses, I doubt you'll be adding a lot of mass to your delts.
You should be squatting, yes. Split squats are fine, but they are not a mass builder like the front and back squat.
If you want big abs, do weighted ab work.
If you want a big back, doing regular deadlifts instead of stiff-legged ones will help. Pull-ups should be weighted once you're strong enough.

I can't believe you have a whole day just for calves. That seems stupid. You know you can hit bodyparts twice, even three times a week?


oh I just did that to focus on them, I figured I was hitting all my bodyparts enough, but what do you think looks good to add here instead of just calves?

Sounds good, so I figure since I add a small dumbell between my feet on bent knee raises and I hold a dumbell on swiss ball crunches that those two weighted exercises should be enough for my abs since they are weighted right?

Thanks for the other advice


What would be a better way to hit all my muscles at least twice a week?
Also, is dumbell overhead press safer on my shoulders than barbell?


The stickies and Thib's articles on 'how to design a damned good program' are recommended for getting a good split. I don't see how dumbells could be safer. If anything, they can move backwards and out of your control or one side could fail and you might hit yourself in the head. But experiment and find what works for you. I've used DBs in the past with success. I'm currently using the barbell to develop some basic strength and am again seeing success.