Questions on My Full-Body Routine?

How does my full-body routine look for putting on mass?

Pillar Bridge Series:
Hand Walks (8 sec hold)

-Squats 5x5
-Pull Ups (4x10) paired with Close Grip Bench Press (4x5-7)
-PB Leg Bridge 4x6-8 super set DB Hammer Curl 4x5-7

Tuesdays (auxillary movements):
Circuit training for abs, forearms, calves (different auxillary movements each Tuesday, I have to be in the gym Tuesdays and Wednesdays due to class, so I figure just do auxillary movements on Tuesday and my next actual lift Wednesday)


-DB Sumo Deadlift // Deadlift (depends if there a lot of people in gym haha) 5x5
-DB Incline Bench Press (4x10-12) paired with Seated Cable Row (4x10-12)
-Military Press (4x5-7) super set Dumbbell Shrugs (4x5-7)

Thursdays rest
Bench Press 5x5
1 Arm DB Row (4x5-7) paired with Leg Press (4x10-12)
Dips 4x12 super set DB Rear Lateral Raise 4x10-12

Circuit training again with auxillary movements
Sunday Rest

How does that look?

It’s my opinion that putting on mass has more to do with how much you’re eating and sleeping than it has to do with any particular weightlifting program.

With that said, your routine will work (for a while at least) as long as your getting adequate calories and rest to grow.

How are your psychiatry sessions going? Have you managed (with the help of your doctor) to get your anorexia under control to any degree?

As a matter of fact yes :slight_smile: thank you for asking.

Doctor upped my dosage of serotonin-uptake medicine and my depression pills, therapist helped me realize that my anorexia stems from my depression and wanting to control something in my life and I’ve been keeping MUCH busier than normal (going out with family a lot) to keep my mind off of things.

I am more comfortable with everything and you will be glad to know that I have been continually eating 500+ calories more than my maintenance for 3 weeks now (coming up on a month) and have gained 3 1/2lbs so far :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking also, I finally think I am getting control of everything again.