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Questions on MAG-10 and Glutamine


I've been thinking about getting some MAG-10 off of E-bay, the original not the GNC version. I wasn't sure if the gains I would see from it would eventually disappear after my supply runs out or if I would be able to sustain them. I've been stuck at a certain weight now for months and I just can't seem to get above 180 lbs. I was really hoping MAG-10 would help me bust through this but would my gains disappear?

One more thing, if you had to choose between Alpha Male and Carbolin 19 due to a tight budget, which would you take. The goal being to get hyyyuuuuge!

Also as a side note, I was curious about anyone else's experience with Glutamine and it's ability to preserve muscle. I've read Destroying the Dogma and that it isn't all that great for building muscle, I'm more interested in using it when I can't eat/train perfectly to maintain. Part of my problem gaining weight is on the weekends when I camp or whatnot. I would usually come back the next week and dropped a couple of pounds. Just this past weekend I was out all weekend and wasn't able to eat my required 4200 calories a day but I took about 10 grams of glutamine a day. I'll be damned if I didn't come back this week at the same weight and actually a little bit higher.

Anyone else experience anything like this?


My advice for you would be to go and get yourself glutamine peptides. Regular glutamine I've come to learn isn't what everyone thinks it is. You want to use glutamine PEPTIDES.


You won't "lose" your MAG-10 gains if you adjust accordingly for your new weight. You will need to eat more as a baseline to maintain your now higher weight. Have fun!


calvinist, the theory behind glutamine peptides is that they are better absorbed, but there are no data to support this.

I know, it's shocking that supplement companies make unsubstantiated claims. :wink:

Also, I tried to show in the articles that even when the gut transport isn't limiting, glutamine just doesn't do much anyway.



Has there ever been a popular supplement you haven't destoryed?

Man i cant wait till fish oil or vitamin A pisses you off.


I can't wait until YOU piss him off. All he wrote was "there are no data to support this".

As to Farmers original question, I like Alpha Male, as long as you're eating and lifting good.


You missed the point of the post. I was complimenting him on his ability to set the facts straight on the popular scams such as glutamine, NO or Cortisol.