Questions on JB's Nutrient Timing

First lets see if I have this right.

The energy phase is during work out. At this time its best to consume a liquid protein/high gi carb meal.

The anabolic phase is directly after training and lasts a an hour or so. At this time liquid protein/high gi carb meal is also best.

Here is where I start to get confused.

Dr. Berardi says the growth phase is 6 hours post work out. During this time scale back the carbs by about half for a 1:1 ratio of protein/carbs. He also says avoid high gi carbs and opt for fruits and veggies.

Next is the rest of the day phase where protein/fat meals(with veggies) is optimal for most people. He says, and I quote “As discussed, the Rest of the Day Phase is what�??s left after your exercise and the 6 hours postexercise.” This is where I get lost. Does he mean the 6 hours after the growth phase? Or is it the time before training and after the 6 hour growth phase?

Say I lift at 2 p.m. which is when I normaly train. From what I understand, carb intake is optimal in the morning/early afternoon. If how I’m understanding the article is correct, and the rest of the day phase counts as before work outs, I’m sopposed to be eat my protein fat meals in the morning and very late night, while 2 till 8 pm will be carbs/protein in complience with the nutrient timing system. This seams to be a little contradictory. Please help me understand the nutrient timing system.

You have it right in the last paragraph. It does seem a little strange, but it is a refinement of earlier approaches.

Basically the effects of training, especially the more intense it is, are more powerful mediators of nutrient partitioning than the time of day. Because of this, feeding more carbs in the post-workout window leads to quicker recovery and better body composition even if you are eating the exact same food in a day with a different distribution of when you eat certain macronutrients.

Previously, the focus has been on more carbs early and tapering back while upping fat throughout the day. This has been updated by moving most carbs to the post-workout period where the nutrient partitioning effects are much stronger than the morning vs. evening thing.

If that pic in your avatar is you and accurate of your current body fat levels, you could get away with carbs in the morning meal on days after your workout as your body will handle them ok and metabolic rate will be elevated.

As for the post-workout phase, an intense workout such as a 45min-1 hour weight session or sprints will keep you body’s ability to handle carbs much higher for that 6 hour window than even first thing in the morning carb intake. A less intense workout will only keep this carb tolerance elevated for a shorter time, meaning going to the rest of the day phase sooner, or using non-carb glycogen replenishment for those who are fatter or have very poor carb tolerance.

The low GI carbs outside the anabolic phase allow for more of the carbs to end up in muscle rather than being stored as fat, and this would apply to morning carb intake as well should you find the need for this if you are looking to grow or are lean.

Also keep in mind that the updated guidelines are intended to be a starting point to find what works best for you. Berardi’s Tailor-Made Nutrition article series explains how to do this.

Peter & andersons got it about right. I’ll tell you what I do on days that I train at 2:30 (switch between 9:30 and 2:30 depending on schedule)

7:30 P+C
10: P+C
12: P+F
2: P+C (very small preworkout meal such as an apple, 100 cal pack of oatmeal, half a whey shake)
2:30 Peri-workout shake consisting of 25 grams of dextrose + remaining half of whey
3:30 Post workout shake (60 grams dextrose, 25 grams whey, 12 grams casein)
4:30 P+C
7: P+F
9:45 P+F

I eat 8 times a day because of my body type and schedule. I total about 3750-4000 cals a day when lifting. This seems to follow more of the Temporal Nutrition approach, but that has a lot of its roots in JB’s philosphies

Nice. The pic in my avatar is actually 4 months old. I’ve gotten a little bit bigger and even a little bit leaner since then.

My goal right now is to get down to 8% body fat for the first time in my life, so my calories are restricted. Should I apply nutrient timing to fat loss phases as well as muslce gain/maintnence periods?

Also, on off days or light cardio days, should I stick to carbs in the a.m. and fats in the evening?

Nutrient timing always works. In fat-loss phases you are even more sensitive to workout induced increases in glucose utilization by muscle. On the otherhand being lean increases your ability to handle carbohydrates in general.

Sounds right. Just watch your progress and use that as the gauge. You have set up a good template, now just tweak based on that when needed.

Thanks, Peter and everyone else who posted.